When His Eyes Opened Chapter 411

The bodyguard and doctor immediately took Elliot away.

Avery sat on the bed, hugging her knees close to her, sobbing loudly.

Time drew her deeper into the night, clearing her mind. She could hear the regret screaming in her heart.

She heard the whirring and rumbling of the helicopter on the rooftop. Soon, it disappeared into the25 night.

She heard footsteps outside her door, but she did not look up. She did not care who entered her room.

The individual walked over to her bed and covered Avery with a clean set of covers. He picked up the dagger still covered in 96 blood.

“Miss Tate. I gave you this dagger to protect yourself, not commit murder,” Nick said helplessly, “I have to take this dagger back.”

Avery sobbed out loud. “I did try to kill him, but I did not dare to dozd it.”

“Well, you did provoke him,” Nick said calmly. “The result was the same as stabbing the dagger into his heart yourself. What difference does it make?”

Avery was suddenly at a loss for words by Nick’s49 questions.

“Your mother passed away last year, right? You should know when our close ones pass away, that makes us sensitive and fragile.” Nick lit a cigarette, holding it between his fingers. “His mother passed away, so we came here to be with him. He had asked us to leave tomorrow. Maybe, he found us too rowdy.”

Avery closed her eyes and looked at the bloody bed in a35 daze.

“I don’t know what love and hatred that lies between the two of you, but I know that he has eyes only for you. No other woman has caught his eyes. We even found a bunch of beautiful women for him, but not once did he look at them. And all of them are prettier than you, and their bodies are better than yours too… So why do you think he came looking for you? Don’t you understand?”

Avery took a deep breath. “I don’t love him anymore.”

“Oh…” Nick looked at her before picking up the cigarette. He inhaled the cigarette and exhaled a thick fog of smoke. “Then, why are you crying? Didn’t he say even if he died, he would not bother you?”

Avery was speechless.

“Could you have been frightened by the blood? Don’t lie to me. The amount of blood you’ve

seen is more than what we see in a year’s worth of fighting,” said Nick “It’s late. I don’t bother you anymore.”

After Nick left, the nanny came in with a shocked expression.

“Miss Tate… do you want to sleep in another room tonight? I’ll tidy the room up.”

Avery stopped crying. Her tone was cold. “I’ll stay here.”

The nanny took a clean set of sheets and helped Avery get off the bed.

“Miss Tate, the wound on your leg might have opened. There is blood coming out,” said the nanny. “But the doctor isn’t here.”

Avery lowered her gaze. The dressing was indeed red. It might be Elliot’s blood, but it might be hers too.

Her injury hurt a lot, but she did not want to deal with it.

After changing the sheets on the bed, the nanny helped Avery into it. Avery lay down.

When the nanny left, she switched off the light.

Avery opened her eyes and looked around the dark room. Her mind kept replaying the incident that happened a moment ago.

Hurting others could easily be explained away by his violent nature, but the harm he inflicted on himself could not.


“He is a madman!” she thought.

Avery’s tears kept falling.

Time passed by second after second. In a blink of an eye, it was morning.

There was a knock on the door, and the nanny entered bringing in breakfast.

Seeing how Avery was still sleeping, the nanny took Avery’s breakfast away with her. Avery was not asleep. She had not slept the entire night.

After the nanny left, Avery opened her reddened eyes and turned on her phone. She did not know what had happened to Elliot after they had taken him away.

She did not know who to contact, so she began looking up news articles related to him.

Avery entered (Elliot Foster) in the search bar and soon, news related to him popped up!

[President of Sterling Group, Elliot Foster, Rushed to the Hospital by Helicopter in the Early Morning! Serious Condition Suspected! ( 7 Hours Ago)] [Breaking News! President of Sterling Group, Elliot Foster, Suffered a Cardiac Arrest! Died.

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