When His Eyes Opened Chapter 440

Ben was quite surprised by Elliot’s answer.

“You’ve thought it through?” Ben teased, “You should have long come to your senses. Do you know what she said to Chad? She said that since you returned her the sweater, she will wear it whenever she likes. She’s right, but she also said that she might wear it on a date in the future

Elliot’s knuckles gripping onto his utensils turned white.

“Do you think I care?”

Ben said, “I’m trying to make you forget about her?”

“Then, why bring her up?” He swept Ben a cold gaze. “Don’t mention anything to do with her anymore. I’m not interested.”

“That’s great! I was still worried you wouldn’t be over her.” Ben sighed in relief. “Too bad you can’t drink. I’ll drink alone.”

Ben walked over to the small bar and picked up a bottle of wine. Soon, Elliot finished his meal. He put down his utensils and left the dining hall.

Ben was holding onto a glass of wine. He was unhappy, “Hey! Come talk to me! It’s no fun eating alone!”

Elliot walked to Shea’s room. He did not sleep the entire night before. He slept all the way till noon that day.

After getting up, he heard Mrs. Cooper say th at Shea was in a bad mood, so she did not go to class nor eat anything.

Elliot went to her room to check on her. She was sleeping back then, so he could not ask her why she was feeling down.

At that moment, it was dinner time. The skies were getting dark too. It was not appropriate to continue sleeping. If she were to continue sleeping, she would lose sleep at night.

Elliot pushed Shea’s door open.

Shea’s eyes were opened. Her black eyes were looking at one spot in a daze. Elliot did not know what Shea was thinking.

“Shea.” He sat down by the side of the bed, looking at her in a daze. He said gently, “It’s time to get up for dinner.”

Shea grabbed Elliot’s huge palms and asked, “Big Brother, your mother is my mother, right?”

Elliot’s eyes moved a little. “I heard you went out with Mrs. Scarlet this morning. You went to

the bus station. Were you afraid?”

“Big Brother, your mother is my mother, right?” Shea asked once again as if she did not hear him.

“Hmm.” Elliot could obviously sense that his sister was quite different than usual. She rarely asked him any questions, let alone sensitive questions like this.

At that moment, not only did she ask them, but she insisted on an answer too.

“Why did you not bring me to your mother’s funeral?” Once Shea got confirmation from her brother, she started to believe what Mrs. White said to her.

“Because there were many guests at the funeral that day. You didn’t like crowded areas in the past. I’m afraid you might get scared.” Elliot looked into her eyes. “You’re not afraid of crowded areas anymore, right?”

Shea nodded courageously.

Elliot was rather surprised by her change of attitude.

“Then, I’ll bring you to crowded places to play the next time?”

“But you have not got better yet.” Shea got up from the bed. “Big Brother, I’m hungry.”

Elliot helped her down from the bed and brought her to the dining hall.

When Ben saw Shea, he immediately kept the bottle of wine.

“Shea, I heard you’re not feeling well today. Where are you not feeling well? Did you call the doctor?” Ben asked in concern.

Shea shook her head. She picked up her utensils and ate with a lowered head. Elliot walked over to the living area and made a phone call.

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