When His Eyes Opened Chapter 450

However, no one was forcing Elliot to drink. Once he finished the bottle, Ben looked at him and asked, “is your injury completely recovered? Didn’t the doctor tell you to stay away from alcohol for three months? It hasn’t been three months yet, right?”

Jun heard them and hastily brought over a bottle of fruit juice.

“Elliot, drink some juice!” Jun cleared all the wine bottles in front of Elliot. “There’s still food left in the kitchen, do you guys want some?”

Ben finished his own bottle and dragged Elliot towards the kitchen. As soon as the two left, the mood in the living room had lightened up instantly.

Ben went to pour a glass of juice and passed it to Elliot.

“If only I knew that it’s going to be this awkward, I wouldn’t have brought you here,” Ben said with a bitter smile, “why don’t I send you back?”

Jun stood beside them and said, “you both drank, so neither of you can drive. I booked an ambulance today, so maybe you guys can go back by ambulance?’

Both Ben and Elliot were rendered speechless by the notion.

Seeing how shocked they were, Jun said, “um… If you don’t want to head back, you can just rest here. I booked a total of eight mansions, so there should be enough rooms.”

Confused, Ben asked, “why did you book an ambulance?”

“…Avery skipped lunch today and needed Tammy’s help going upstairs. I was worried that she might faint, so I called an ambulance here to standby,” Jun explained, “this place is miles away from the closest hospital, after all.”

Ben felt even more confused. “Why didn’t she eat?”

“I don’t know! Tammy won’t let me ask about it and said that I am on Elliot’s side… It’s not that she hates Elliot, but she is very protective over Avery. I can understand, since they have been friends for many years…” Jun said while peeping at Elliot.

Elliot’s face was slightly flushed from the wine he drank earlier, but he wasn’t sure if he was in the right mind. “Did she eat at night?”

“I think so! Tammy drove and bought some spicy chicken soup for her. Avery seemed quite energetic when she came downstairs, so she must have eaten,” Jun said.

Elliot picked up the glass of juice and took a sip. Jun suddenly remembered something and added, “Avery ate a lot of fruit this morning,

though! She hadn’t touched any other snacks and only ate fruits. Tammy had ordered those fruits from overseas beforehand, and I was wondering why she had ordered so many; I didn’t realize it was for Avery until I saw how happy she was when she was eating those fruits this morning.”

Both Elliot and Ben remained quiet thoughtfully.

After a while, Ben narrowed his eyes and concluded, “I guess she is really trying to lose weight, then. My last girlfriend tried losing weight by eating nothing but fruit back then. She won’t even touch anything that has gluten in it because it contains high sugar content.”

“Isn’t that the case for fruits as well?” Jun asked in confusion.

“Still better than gluten. They will have to calculate the calories of their food intake precisely… “Ben explained, “my ex-girlfriend went on a diet to please me. She wasn’t fat to begin with, just slightly chubby. But when she found out that all my exes were skinny, she went on a crazy diet… In the end, I was just too worried that her body would collapse from the diet, so I broke up with her.”

“So… Can Avery be on a diet to…please a certain guy?”

Ben glanced at the dark expression on Elliot’s face and said, “probably for Eric’s sake!”

The temperature in the air instantly dropped.

To ease the tension, Jun picked up a wine glass and said, “Ben, if you guys are not going back, then let’s drink.”

“It depends on whether Elliot wants to head back. I’ll go with him if he wants to; if he is not going, then I’ll stay and drink with you.”

“You two go ahead!” Elliot said in a dark expression, before getting up from the chair and heading towards the stairs.

Sensing that something was wrong, Jun followed him. “Do you want to rest, Elliot?”

Elliot only hummed in response.

“I’ll take you to the guest room next door, then.” Jun took his arm and tried to lead him outside, as the guest rooms in this mansion had been assigned.

Elliot scowled. “Leave me alone.”

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