When His Eyes Opened Chapter 468

Avery almost passed out when she saw the trending topic online that morning.

She was not distraught because the author had called her private life a mess, but she was distraught because the reprobate holder of the account had posted photos of her two children!

The photo had been taken by a member of the paparazzi, and it did not show the children’s faces only their backs, but it was all the same!

One could clearly see the children’s features in the photos.

The post even went as far as to reveal the name of their preschool.

Avery dragged her weak body out of the bedroom.

She knocked on Mike’s door, then walked right into his room.

“Wake up, Mike!” she shouted as she yanked the covers off.

It was a good thing Mike was wearing his underwear.

Otherwise, Avery would have immediately regretted her recklessness.

“What’s wrong?” Mike said as he looked at Avery with groggy eyes. “Avery… Is the sun even up yet?”

“It is! The kids going to wake up soon.”

Avery showed Mike the article, “Can you delete Hayden and Layla’s photos? I don’t know how to contact the website’s office… This business account is despicable!”

Mike glanced at the children’s photos on the post, then quickly sat up.

“Don’t worry and leave it to me.”

He put on a t-shirt, then walked over to his desk and turned on his computer.

“It looks like someone’s trying to mess with you.”

“I think so, too. Are you able to find out who posted the photos?” Avery asked.

“Definitely. I just need to look into this business account, but it’ll take some time,” Mike said as he quickened his tempo. “Give me a minute.”

“Okay. I’m going to get some breakfast.”

Mike turned to Avery, then said, “Don’t leave the house! Just order some takeout. What if you pass out while you’re out there?”

Avery hesitated for a moment, then nodded and said, “What do you feel like eating?”

“I’m good for now… I’ll have a glass of milk if we have any.”

“We have some in the fridge. I’ll get you a glass,” Avery said, then headed to the kitchen.

By 8 a.m. that morning, Avery was the number one trending topic online.

The number of people who knew about Avery Tate having two children increased rapidly.

However, when everyone excitedly clicked onto the article on the website and saw the photos of the so-called children, they were dumbfounded by what they saw!

[Am I seeing things? Doesn’t this webpage belong to a reputable and famous entertainment brand? When did they branch out into comedy?] [I almost thought that Avery Tate’s kids were my dear Eric Santos’s, but what is this??] [I spat out my breakfast this morning! This account owes me a meal!]

The title of the post remained unchanged, but Mike had repalced the photos of the children with pictures of pandas and changed the name of Starry River Kindergarten to National Zoo.

This change made the the post sound as if Avery had given birth to a pair of baby pandas and that they were going to school in a zoo.

A series of questions would pop up in one’s head as one read the post.

What was going on with the trending topics that day?

Did Avery Tate pay for the publicity?

That seemed unlikely!

Even if she was dumb enough to do that, who would come up with a story about themselves giving birth to a pair of pandas?!

It was unbelievable that anybody could come up with a story this bizarre.

Mike removed all traces of Hayden and Layla’s photos from the internet, before sighing with relief.

He sent the masterpiece he made that morning to Chad and began to brag.

Mike: [I’m pretty fast, right?]

Chad: [I figured it was you.]

Mike: [You have no idea how freaked out Avery was this morning. She still has to depend on me at key moments like this. That sc*mbag you call a boss is absolutely useless.]

Chad: [Praise yourself all you want, but can you not put down my boss? Since you worked hard today, I don’t want to fight with you.]

Mike: [Fine… I’m thinking of getting a nanny to help Avery out. Otherwise, I’d be worried about leaving her at home alone once I get back to work.]

Chad: [That’s true. Do you need my help?]

Mike: [Sure!]

Chad called up Elliot.

Today was the second day of the Memorial Day weekend.

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