When His Eyes Opened Chapter 477

Wanda was a prideful woman who despised Avery.

Being on her knees in front of Avery must be pure agony for her!

When the nurse entered the room moments later, she was shocked to see the two women kneeling in front of the bed.

“Take your lackey and get out of here!” Mike roared as he threw out the fruit basket they brought along with them.

The hospital room returned to its initial peace once Wanda and Faye were gone.

Once the nurse tended to Avery’s IV drip, Mike held his phone and waved it in front of Avery.

“Chad said the two bodyguards that pushed you this morning have been dealt with,” Mike said as he grinned cheekily. “I’m not Elliot Foster’s biggest fan, but I’m satisfied with his work this time.”

“What do you mean by dealt with?”

Mike covered his mouth and said, “Chad told me not to tell you… He’s worried you’d be scared…”

Avery remained silent.

“Why did you think Wanda would come and apologize to you? She’s obviously terrified!” Mike teased. “I didn’t expect you to use Elliot to scare.”

Avery’s cheeks flushed as she said, “Wasn’t he the one who wanted to be a hero? Since he offered, it’d be a waste not to make use of it.”

“That makes sense,” Mike said. “Just treat him like a little puppy! Play with him when you’re happy, then ignore him when you’re not.”

Avery absentmindedly picked up her phone and looked at the time.

“I’m going to take a nap. Let’s go home after I wake up.”

“Okay! Get some sleep! I’m going out for a cigarette.”

Mike lay Avery down on the bed, then walked out of the room.

The moment Wanda entered her car, she looked up and broke into tears.

Faye apprehensively handed her a napkin and said, “I’m sorry, Madam Tate. I dragged you into this.”

Wanda shoved the napkin away and wiped her tears away with her hands.

“It’s got nothing to do with you. I’m just not strong enough! Nobody can lay a finger on me when I surpass Elliot Foster!” Wanda said through gritted teeth.

She took her phone out of her bag and called Zoe.

The call was answered very quickly.

“Do something for me, Zoe.”

“What? I’m not doing anything dangerous!” Zoe said.

“I suspect Avery Tate’s pregnant. All my bodyguard did was push her, but she’s in the hospital now,” Wanda said. “She’s staying in a room in the maternity unit.”

Zoe froze, then said, “You want me to confirm if she’s pregnant or not?”

“That’s right. I suspect her baby is Elliot Foster’s! Why would he help her out otherwise?!”

Zoe’s heart broke to pieces.

She had wanted nothing more but to have Elliot’s child, but he had never touched her or given her a chance.

On the other hand, Avery not only gave birth to two of his children, but she was also pregnant with the third…

Elliot gave all of his love to Avery.

Zoe arrived at the hospital that Avery was admitted to at four in the afternoon.

She easily found out about Avery’s condition.

She called Wanda back and said, “Avery Tate’s pregnant, but she might not be able to save the baby after today’s fall.”

Wanda felt a lingering fear in her heart.

“No wonder Elliot Foster was so furious!”

She paused for a moment, then said, “I really hope she loses the baby! Haha!”

One week later, Avery went to the hospital for a checkup.

She wanted to know if the baby was alive.

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