When His Eyes Opened Chapter 486

The next day, someone rang the doorbell of Starry River Villa at seven in the morning.

Avery walked out of her bedroom in her pajamas and made her way to the front door.

When she saw Tammy through the front door’s camera, she opened the door.

After Tammy married Jun, she had gone abroad for her honeymoon.

She had told Avery before that she would take a month-long holiday abroad.

“Why is she back only after two weeks?” thought Avery.

“How are you feeling, Avery?” Tammy asked as she entered the house with bags of souvenirs.

“I’m fine. I already started going back to work,” Avery said. “Why are you back so soon?”

Tammy pulled a long face and said, “I didn’t have fun at all! We were supposed to spend our honeymoon relaxing, but Jun gets over twenty calls from work every day. Honestly, I feel like getting a divorce.”

Avery poured her a drink, then said, “Don’t be reckless. He just took over his family’s business. Give him some time.”

“Hmph, it’s not like I’m not giving him time. He’s just not very capable, so he’s still struggling.” Tammy picked up the glass of water and took a sip, then said, “I sometimes envy people like you who are so good at your jobs—”

“I’m always working overtime,” Avery said as she sat down next to Tammy. “I sometimes even have to bring unfinished work home. It was normal for Mike and I to stay up until three in the morning back when we started the company.”

Her comforting words made Tammy feel a little better.

“Thanks, Avery. Jun said I’m being too unreasonable. Maybe I really am a little bit like that!”

“Did he actually say that?” Avery said in disbelief.

“He said that I’m idle and that I sit around all day, yet I still interrupt his work. He even said that you’re working so hard at your job despite raising two kids. He told me to learn a thing or two from you, even if just a little bit,” Tammy said as she began to cry.

Avery took a deep breath.

Jun went too far with his words.

“It’s not all his fault… I’m the one who chastised him first. I mentioned how Elliot Foster seemed to have enough free time to go out without having to answer calls from work…” Tammy said with puffed cheeks. “Maybe I should find something to do and distract myself.”

“Tammy, you might think Elliot has it easy, but he works really hard. You just can’t see it,” Avery said. “He has a huge study at home that he uses as his home office. He can spend all day there when he’s busy.”

“Does it really get that bad?”

Avery nodded and said, “Nobody’s success comes easy. Even as an heir taking over a family business, one would still need to figure out how to maintain the family’s fortune, right?”

“I guess so… Are the kids still sleeping? Don’t they need to go to school today?” Tammy said, then stood up and walked upstairs.

Avery’s phone rang, and she saw that it was an unknown number.

She hesitated for a moment, then answered the phone.

Elliot waited in the hospital director’s office the entire night. The director had accompanied him through the night.

The director had asked Elliot to go home and rest and said that he would call him right away once they found Avery’s records.

However, Elliot insisted on waiting at the hospital until he got the results.

The director had no choice but to ask his staff to search for the file through the night.

At the crack of dawn, Elliot went to the records room himself.

It was a large room with countless files.

The records were arranged by year and medical department.

Logically, it should not be this difficult to find a simple record.

More than ten employees sifted through the maternity unit’s files from five years ago, but there was no sign of Avery’s records.

They were running through the records for the second time when Elliot arrived.

They finished their second search an hour later.

“Mr. Foster, there are no medical records for Miss Avery Tate here,” said one of the staff.

Elliot frowned as suspicion grew inside him.

“Could you have gotten the wrong hospital, Mr. Foster? Maybe Miss Tate didn’t undergo her procedure at our hospital?” said the director. “If she underwent surgery here, we would definitely have her records in storage.”

Before Elliot could speak, his bodyguard interjected, “I was the one who brought her to this hospital. How could it be a mistake?!”

The director froze for a moment, then said, “The possibility of losing a patient’s medical records is practically zero.”

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