When His Eyes Opened Chapter 508

Looking at how heartbroken Avery was, Elliot held her hand tightly and placed it on his heart.

“Avery, it’s not what you think.” Elliot looked into her eyes and said, “I only agreed to give her a ride because she had treated Shea.”

“Zoe treated Shea?” Avery could hear the sarcastic laughter in her heart.

From Elliot’s point of view, Zoe was Shea’s savior. If not, he would not have given Zoe three hundred million dollars.

Avery struggled and broke free from Elliot’s grip.

“Since Zoe could treat Shea, why did you break up with her?” Avery asked coldly. “Because of you,” Elliot said without even thinking.

Avery’s heart skipped a beat. She felt like she had tripped over something. “Did Elliot say that he broke up with Zoe because of me?” she thought.

“Although Shea has not fully recovered, I am already very satisfied with her current situation,” said Elliot, explaining himself. “I can’t force myself to be with her any longer, nor could I continue lying to myself that I did not care for you.”

When Avery heard Elliot’s explanations, she did not feel lighter. On the contrary, she felt exhausted.

“Where are you staying tonight?” she asked Elliot as she looked at her accommodation.

“I don’t know.” Elliot looked around and asked, “Where are you staying?”

“Don’t tell me you’re thinking of staying with me? You can dream on!” Avery saw how Elliot had nothing on him. She suspected that he had not brought anything with him.

“I’ll rest at your place for a little while. I’m a little tired.” The exhaustion on his face was obvious. Other than running around the entire day, Elliot had only had time to have breakfast. Not only was he exhausted, but he was also famished.

Just when Avery was deliberating as to whether to allow him to stay with her, Elliot’s stomach let out a loud rumble.

She had never seen Elliot in such a wretched state.

If he had not come here for her, he would have been in his luxurious mansion, enjoying a scrumptious feast prepared by his servants.

“Go back tomorrow morning.” Avery led Elliot toward her place. “This place is rather tough for a spoiled master like you.”

“Come back with me,” Elliot said stubbornly. “If you’re not leaving, I won’t leave either.”

“I’m here for work, not play.” Avery glared at him before grabbing her key and pushing it into the keyhole. “If you’re not leaving, so be it. Do you think you can threaten me?”

After the door to the room was open, Elliot entered first. The room was rather simple. Other than a bed, desk, and chair, there was nothing else. Apart from the washroom.

Elliot headed to the washroom. As there was a public bathhouse, the suite did not have a shower.

Elliot looked at the simple facilities in the washroom and thought deeply.

Avery saw how Elliot was standing by the washroom. She teased, “Do you want to leave? Did your bodyguard come with you? Get him to pick you up! If your bodyguards did not come with you, then call your men right now. Get them to pick you up by plane! I know you have a plane.”

Elliot heard Avery’s jabs. He did not retaliate. If mocking him made her happy, then he would allow her to do so.

“I’m not leaving.” Elliot looked at her. “It’s quite nice to experience a different lifestyle.”

“Oh, then I’ll call Mr. Tennant to arrange a room for you.” Avery took her phone out and was about to call Sean.

The moment she unlocked her phone, Mike video called her. Avery answered the call without knowing why.

“Avery, what’s going on over there right now? Have you seen Elliot already?” Mike asked.

Avery held onto her phone. She glanced at Elliot with her eyes, silently commanding him to stay in the washroom.

Elliot was rather reluctant, but he obeyed and remained in the washroom.

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