When His Eyes Opened Chapter 510

Elliot calmly washed Avery’s feet and then gently wiped them dry with a tissue. He took his time.

Avery was blushing. She tried to retract her feet back a few times, but Elliot stopped her from doing so.

The tingling in her feet that bloomed with every caress of his hands traveled to her heart.

“Do you think the flights will be canceled tomorrow?” Elliot finally let her go.

“Don’t jinx it!” Avery was desperate to return at that moment.

Elliot picked up the basin and went over to the washroom to pour out the d***y water. When he went back to her, he saw that she looked gloomy and agitated.

“Are the flights canceled?” He guessed.

“Hmm.” Avery placed her phone down, feeling depressed. “There are fruits and snacks in the bag, have some.”

Although Elliot was hungry, his appetite had vanished when he saw her in that state.

Avery was holding onto a kettle, intending to boil some water. Elliot took the kettle and said, “Go and lie down.”

She listlessly walked over to the side of the bed and sat down. All she could think about what Hayden.

Before Hayden had turned one, he was just like any other kid. He would occasionally cry and throw tantrums. However, once he had turned one, all the crying and tantrums had ceased.

Avery could not even imagine what her son would look like if he were to cry.

Hayden was willing to stay in the elite class because the elite class was not as rigid as the ordinary class.

The elite class was taught using a curriculum that was tailored for child geniuses — which all the students were.

Geniuses exceeded the intellect of an average person. They were usually more self-absorbed, and they rarely paid attention to other people. This was the other reason why Hayden had decided to stay on with the school after the first day.

Avery was initially happy that Hayden had found a suitable place, but she had forgotten the pressure that he would face when placed in such an environment.

“Are you worried about Hayden?” After plugging in the kettle, Elliot looked at her. ” Don’t worry, he will learn how to handle the stress.”

Avery looked at him, stunned. “How do you know?”

Elliot pursed his lips. Instantly, a thousand thoughts ran through his mind.

“How do I know? I know because Hayden is my son,” he thought.

Hyden’s temperament was just like his. He was always hard on himself. If he failed to achieve something, he would sink into self-denial and depression. However, his failure would only serve to motivate him to work harder to achieve his goal.

“Because he is your son, I believe in him,” Elliot said while looking at her deeply.

Avery’s heart skipped a beat. She staggered and lay down in bed.

Elliot strode over to the bed and tucked her in.

“Avery, can I have a look at your tummy?” Elliot sat down on the side of the bed. His eyes pleaded for her to allow him this one request.

Avery’s face felt hot. “Why do you want to look at it?”

He felt as if a ball of fire was stuck in his throat. He said hoarsely, “I want to look at our child.”

“You can’t see it now,” said Avery, turning down his request.

“Oh, then how much longer?” When he asked this question, he felt extremely bitter.

Five years ago, she had stayed with him till she was about to give birth to Hayden.

He wanted to know how her pregnancy had escaped his notice? Did her stomach not grow bigger?

Avery did not know that Elliot knew that Hayden was his son, so she did not think much about his question.

“About five to six months!”

Avery had deliberately eaten less when she was pregnant with her children. This enabled her to maintain her weight and better allowed her to hide her pregnancy.

However, with this pregnancy, she did not control her food intake. She guessed that in five or six months, she would begin to show.

Elliot’s eyes filled with tears. He sighed and said, “Avery, you are right. I’m the world’s stupidest man.”

“Have I ever said such a thing?” Avery looked at him, taken aback. She did not know why he had suddenly said that.

“You said it before.” Elliot felt helpless beneath Avery’s gaze. He turned away. “I’ve never really been willing to admit my mistakes, but this is a mistake.”

“Everyone makes mistakes.” Avery looked at his handsome side profile. She could not help but lower her voice a little.

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