When His Eyes Opened Chapter 513

“If the two of you don’t want him in our house, it’s fine. I’ll just call him later and tell him not to come,” Avery immediately added.

Judging by their reactions, it was evident that they did not want him there.

“Is he coming over to do house chores?” Layla suddenly came to her senses. She yelled excitedly, “If so, get him to come over! Make him do all the chores! Let him d*e of exhaustion!”

Avery knew that Layla did not mean that.

Layla had been heartbroken when Elliot passed out in front of her. She had cried.

“Is there anything you two feel like eating? Let me know, and I’ll get him to make it for you tomorrow,” Avery said gently.

Layla was a food lover, and she immediately started thinking about what she wanted to eat.

Hayden, on the other hand, had a dark expression on his face. “Mommy, are you back together with him again?”

“No,” Avery patiently explained, “He wanted to make up for his past mistakes. This is the first time he has admitted his mistake to me.”

In their numerous past fights, Avery had never allowed herself to cower before him when he was in the wrong. To her, if he was wrong, he was wrong. No matter how much she loved him, it could not wipe away the mistakes that he made!

When Hayden heard what Avery said, he pursed his lips and said nothing. He would not be able to forgive Elliot, but he did not want to disappoint Avery.

It was seven thirty in the morning when Avery woke up. She walked to the window and pulled back the c******s to let in some fresh air. What she saw was a black luxurious car parked outside her gates.

She thought she was hallucinating. She rubbed her eyes and looked out once again.

It was Elliot’s car.

She saw his familiar standing by the trunk. He looked to be instructing his bodyguards to remove some bags from the trunk.

Avery quickly walked over to her bed and picked up her phone to look at the time.

“What the h**l!” she thought.

“Did we not agree on dinner? It’s barely eight in the morning? Why is he here?” she thought.

“Even if he does not know how to cook, he does not need to prepare so early, right?”

Avery quickly rushed into the washroom, splashed some cold water on her face, and rushed downstairs.

When she went downstairs, the children heard the commotion and followed her downstairs too.

“Elliot, why are you here so early? You bought so many groceries! Did you get up before the sun? Even roosters don’t wake up this early!” Avery walked over to her gate and opened the small door.

It was the weekend, and most people saw it as the best time to sleep in.

They had been sleeping on the same one-and-a-half-meter-long bed for the past three days they were in Zirconia. She did not know if Elliot had slept well, but she had not.

“Go back to sleep. I was just going to get Mike to open the door for me,” said Elliot, not realizing how inconsiderate he was being. “I’m used to being prepared for whatever I’m about to do,” he said patiently.

Avery looked at Elliot and his bodyguard carrying a bunch of things in. She wanted to get angry at him, but at the same time, she could not b**e be angry with him.

When the two children inside saw that Elliot had come, they were utterly shocked.

Avery had told them that he was coming over to make dinner. It was definitely too early for dinner! “Is he about to make us all three meals?” they wondered.

Avery was still sleepy, so she headed upstairs and continued to rest.

Hayden was also about to head upstairs, but Layla pulled him back, making him stay with her to “supervise”.

“I don’t want to see him. Get Uncle Mike to stay with you,” Hayden cold-heartedly rejected his sister’s request before heading upstairs.

Layla pouted. She stared at Elliot with her huge beautiful eyes.

Elliot could feel her gaze. He immediately walked over to her.

“Layla, you and your brother are twins, right?” Elliot bent down in front of her. He had not slept the entire night because he had been plagued by this issue.

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