When His Eyes Opened Chapter 516

Avery’s words were ambiguous, but Elliot understood the deeper meaning behind her words.

She was warning him not to get any ideas about Hayden and Layla. It did not matter whether or not they were twins, neither did it matter if Hayden was his son or not. The only child that belonged to him was the one she was carrying.

In the past, Elliot would have begun shouting at her by this point, but he was more stable now than he was before, and her answer was better than nothing.

Avery dabbed on some ointment and picked up the gauze. She had intended to bandage his wound.

“Just stick a simple plaster on it,” Elliot said. He thought that bandaging the wound was going a bit too far, and people might end up thinking that he had suffered a far more serious injury than he had.

Avery ignored his request, placed the gauze on the wound, and began to bandage his hand.

“Keep the wound dry for the next couple of days,” she instructed.

“How am I going to take a shower, then?” Elliot asked.

“Is this the first time you’ve gotten hurt?”

Avery raised her brows. She was about to mock him but decided against it when she remembered that it was her daughter who had bitten Elliot’s hand.

“If you can’t take a shower with one hand, and you don’t want help from others, then just use a water-resistant glove,” she said.

Elliot stared at his neatly bandaged hand and then casually said, “When will we find out if the baby is a boy or girl?”

“We’ll know once it’s born, right?” Avery said.

She stored the medication and bandages away, then walked to the door and said, “It’s not like we can change anything even if we find out sooner.”

“I hope it’s a girl,” Elliot said as though he was making a wish. “Just like Layla,” he said as he sauntered over to her.

“Life has a tendency of giving you the exact opposite of what you wish too hard for,” said Avery, trying to irk him. “It could be a boy.”

The faint light in Elliot’s eyes vanished.

It was obvious that he truly wanted a daughter, and he was not too fond of the idea of having a son. It was probably how he had found it easy to strangle Hayden.

Perhaps things would have been different if it had not been Hayden he had found, but Layla.

Chad arrived forty minutes later.

Since Elliot had hurt his hand, Mike could not rely on him to cook, and he had called Chad over so that he might help Elliot.

Avery thought that Mike had only called Chad over, however, Tammy, Jun, Ben, Wesley, and Shea showed up not long after.

She had not told anyone that Elliot was going to be cooking at her home that day.

The reason she had not told anyone was because she did not have any confidence in his culinary skills. “What if he ends up blowing up the kitchen?” she thought.

Thus, she decided it was not a matter she wanted to publicize.

However, Mike had gone ahead and invited everyone over to watch the show.

“Whoa! Why are you making dinner so early, Mr. President?” Tammy said as she approached Elliot with a cheeky grin. She saw his bandaged hand, then gleefully teased, “The stove isn’t even turned on yet, but you’re hurt already? Could this be some kind of mysterious ritual? Did you use your blood to appease the Kitchen Gods?”

Elliot was unfazed by her mockery.

“Don’t come in here and affect my performance.”

“How do you expect to perform with your hand like that? Even if you stay back and help clean up, you’d just get in the way! Ha!” Tammy’s hearty laughter echoed through the villa.

Avery could not listen to this for another second and dragged Tammy out of the kitchen.

Elliot insisted on cooking for her and the children. She could not convince him otherwise, and so, she left him.

Chad was around to help anyway, so it should not be too much trouble.

“How could you not tell me about such big news, Avery? If you ever remarry him, am I only going to find out about it once the marriage license is out?” Tammy said disappointedly.

“He just came over to cook. Don’t make it out to be anything more,” Avery said as she peeled a tangerine and passed it to Tammy.

“Hmph! Don’t think you can settle this with a measly tangerine. You should at least tell me what happened between the both of you in Zirconia. Even the couple in the TV drama I’m watching aren’t progressing as quickly as you two!” Tammy sulked as she ate the tangerine.

Realizing she could not escape Tammy’s interrogation, Avery had no choice but to lightly and briefly describe the events that occurred in Zirconia.

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