When His Eyes Opened Chapter 523

Avery: [Maybe he figured I need to eat more because I’m eating for two now.]

Tammy: [Hahaha! What did he buy for you? Send me photos!]

Avery took a photo of that night’s haul and sent it to Tammy.

Tammy looked at the photo, then immediately called Avery.

“Why did he buy jewelry again? Haha! Do men like giving the women they love jewelry?” she laughed.

Avery placed her head in her hands, “He had a motive.”

Tammy froze, then asked, “What motive?”

“It’s because of an event next Monday.”

Avery truly experienced how petty a man could be that night.

She had declined his offer to buy her clothes and jewelry, but Elliot had insisted on buying her both.

When she asked for his reason, he gladly gave it.

When Avery had attended the meet-and-greet at the hotel with Eric Santos, they had both worn cream sweaters and were mistaken as lovers. She had worn the necklace that Eric had given her and that too had caused quite a bit of controversy.

It was all in the past, but Elliot had never gotten over it.

During their shopping spree, he had picked out a dress for Avery and had also gotten a matching outfit for himself.

He had also bought her a beautiful gemstone necklace.

The color of the gemstone matched the color of the cufflinks he had bought for himself!

Not only did he want their outfits to match, but he also wanted their accessories to match.

He had done all this because there was going to be an event on Monday between Tate Industries, Sterling Group, and the Border Security Force. They were going to sign the contract.

Tammy cackled upon hearing Avery’s story.

“I never knew he was this passionate! Why didn’t you refuse the matching outfits? If you did, I’m sure he would end up doing something even more shocking!”

“His donation to the Border Security Force this time is for the good of the country and its citizens. I don’t want to let such a small matter affect that contract.”

“Hahahaha! This is hilarious! I don’t know how your dating life somehow involved the country’s affairs… The government should give you two a “best couple” award…”

Avery blushed slightly, then changed the subject and said, “Today, I accidentally saw a photo of Cole Foster and Zoe Sanford together. I’m guessing Cole mistakenly posted it online. He deleted it right away.”

Tammy smelled something fishy going on and said, “Didn’t Zoe move into the old Foster mansion after she got pregnant? I bet they already had something going on back then!”

“I think there’s a possibility they got together much earlier on too. They looked really close in the photo.” Avery frowned, “Isn’t Zoe madly in love with Elliot? Why would she do this?”

Tammy took a sip of water, then mused, “Maybe it was because Elliot was cold to her! I heard that they had only slept together once the entire time they were together. That was on the night of your birthday party. The night Elliot got really drunk.”

Avery froze.

She remembered every detail of what had happened that night.

Elliot had pinned her down on the bed and tormented her for a long time.

Zoe had watched everything from outside the room that night.

It was the first time in her life that Avery felt like a homewrecker that had gotten caught in the act!

She had never revealed the events of that night to anybody as Zoe was Elliot’s official girlfriend, and she was nothing but the interloper who had ruined their relationship.

“Are you sure?” asked Avery, feigning disinterest, but she felt extremely nervous.

“I heard about it when my husband was drinking with Ben and the others… Elliot has a personal bodyguard who knows exactly where he sleeps every night. Ben’s in charge of that bodyguard’s salary, so Ben knows everything about Elliot’s private life.”

Tears rolled down Avery’s face when she heard Tammy’s answer.

Elliot might have been too drunk to remember anything about that night, but she remembered it very clearly!

He could not possibly have had any energy left inside of him to touch Zoe that night!

It was even more impossible that she had gotten pregnant with his child!

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