When His Eyes Opened Chapter 536

Chad deeply understood Elliot’s feelings.

He was on Elliot’s side in the same way that Mike was on Avery’s side. They would support the people they cared for no matter what happened.

It was two in the morning when the black Rolls-Royce pulled up at the Foster mansion.

The living room lights were still on.

When Elliot got out of the car, Mrs. Cooper immediately emerged from the house.

“Did something happen over at Avery’s, Master Elliot? Hayden called Shea at around 10 p.m. and asked her to go over to their house.”

The moment Elliot heard Hayden’s name, his frigid heart began to ache once again.

Avery did not only abandon him, but she had also left her two children behind.

“It’s late, Master Elliot. You should get some rest!” Mrs. Cooper saw the darkness on Elliot’s face and did not say more.

Elliot dragged his heavy body into the bedroom. He shuffled about like a zombie.

When his tired eyes landed on the bed, the memory of Avery cruelly walking away from him entered his mind.

He could not help but think that they had not resolved anything at all and that everything that had happened was nothing more than his own imagination.

It was only in his dreams that he had ever seen Avery make the first move like that.

That was why he was so sure that none of what had happened was real!

However, the pain he was currently experiencing far exceeded anything that he had felt when he had woken from one of his nightmares.

Time went on, and night quickly gave way to day.

A car pulled up in front of the Foster mansion at seven in the morning, and Shea emerged from it.

When Mrs. Cooper saw Shea, she rushed up to her and asked, “What happened Shea? Isn’t Avery home? Where did she go?”

“Avery went to Bridgedale,” Shea said. “Is Elliot home?”

This was the first time Mrs. Cooper heard Shea address Elliot by his name, and she was stunned.

“Yes, he is. He got home late last night, so he might still be sleeping.”

Shea made her way upstairs.

When she arrived on the second floor, the door to Elliot’s room suddenly swung open.

Elliot did not get a wink of sleep.

His eyes were bloodshot, and the strong scent of tobacco seeped out of his room.

Fear rose in Shea as she looked at the haggard yet eerie man standing before her.

“Shea, how are Layla and Hayden?” Elliot said, breaking the silence.

His voice was hoarse from staying up all night.

“Oh…” Shea mustered up her courage and said, “Big Brother, let’s fly and find Avery!”

“Did the kids tell you to say that?” Elliot’s eyes were cold, and his voice was even frostier.

Of course, he had thought of going after Avery.

However, the desire to do so vanished every time he thought of how she had heartlessly abandoned him.

He had abandoned his pride, but she had refused to even give him one last look!

Shea knew she could not hide it from Elliot, so she walked over to his side and held his arm.

“Big Brother, I feel bad for Hayden and Layla… Layla fell asleep last night, but she woke up crying again… She wants to go find her mother… She only calmed down after I promised to take her.”

Layla’s adorable little face instantly popped into Elliot’s mind.

His frigid heart wavered.

“Where are they right now?” he croaked.

“They’re in the front yard.”

Elliot’s heart tightened in his chest. He returned to his room and washed up.

Hayden held Layla’s hand as the two of them stood in the front yard. Their gloom stood in sharp contrast to bright sunshine raining down on them.

“Do you think Elliot Foster will take us to go find Mommy, Hayden?”

Layla’s eyes were still swollen from crying all night.

Hayden responded in a cold voice, “If he won’t take us, then he will be d**d to us from this point on.”

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