When His Eyes Opened Chapter 538

A man with white hair which stood in sharp contrast to his child-like face stepped in front of Avery.

“Are you the one who abducted Wesley?!” Avery demanded with clenched fists.

The man simply smiled softly, then said to the two women next to him, “Help Miss Tate change.”

“Don’t touch me!” Avery snapped, raising her guard. “Why do I need to change?!”

“What if you’re hiding some kind of weapon or d***s in your clothes, Miss Tate?” said one of the women with a smile. “Don’t worry. We will wash your clothes and return them to you.”

Avery snatched the clothes from the woman and said, “I’ll change myself!”

“Please change right here, Miss Tate,” said the woman as she maintained her friendly smile.

“How am I supposed to change here?!”

Avery stared in shock at the bodyguards that surrounded her and the white-haired man.

How was she supposed to change her clothes in front of all these men?

The news of a Baystream G650 private jet leaving the airport of the country’s capital that morning made headlines in Aryadelle.

There were less than ten people in Aryadelle wealthy enough to own a Baystrem G650.

It was the primary reason why the takeoff had made headlines and had gone viral online. The news generated quite a bit of gossip.

Wanda sipped her cup of tea, then chuckled and said, “It’s probably Elliot Foster. Only three people in the city own a Baystream G650. From what I’ve heard, the other two jets are parked at another airport. Elliot Foster’s jet is the only one parked in the capital’s airport. Hahaha!”

Zoe was also in a good mood.

She had felt uneasy after Avery had found out about her relationship with Cole.

However, Avery was now walking into the lion’s den, and there was no guarantee that she would walk out with her life!

“Well done this time Zoe,” said Wanda. “It’s like you said, if we want to get rid of her, then we have to make her leave Aryadelle. After all, Elliot Foster holds too much power here. As long as he cares about Avery, there’s nothing we can do!”

This was why Zoe had gone to Bridgedale with Cole.

She had lived in Bridgedale for many years and her connections far surpassed that of Avery’s.

The white-haired, child-like man was a troublesome figure in Bridgedale.

He was infamous for being a vile and ridiculously wealthy man.

His wealth allowed him to forge some good friendships with the politicians of Bridgedale, and nobody in the country could touch him.

When Zoe had gone to meet with him, she had sold him some information on Avery. He had paid her a handsome sum for the information!

“There’s no way Avery’s getting out of this mess.” Zoe picked up her cup of tea and happily took a sip.

“Are you certain?” Wanda wanted Avery d**d, and she was afraid that Avery’s luck might save her. “Elliot Foster’s on his way to Bridgedale, and Mike isn’t an easy person to deal with… If they worked together, would they be able to save her? Although, they will have to cough up a fortune…”

Zoe laughed a cold laugh and said, “David Grimes is a psychopath.”

Wanda was surprised and said, “A psychopath? Didn’t you say that he wanted Avery so that he could save his daughter? Even if he is a psychopath, I highly doubt he will k**l her if she manages to save his daughter.”

Zoe’s smile grew even wider as she said, “Avery can’t save his daughter!”

“We’ve basically confirmed that Avery is James Hough’s last pupil and that her medical skills have surpassed his. How can you be so sure that she can’t cure David Grimes’s daughter?!”

Tears spilled from Zoe’s eyes as she roared with laughter.

“I’m telling you she can’t save her! Hahahaha! Unless she’s a god!”

She paused for a moment, then added, “If she really was a god, then she wouldn’t need Elliot to run over and save her! Hahaha!”

Avery finished changing and entered the mansion.

“Take me to Wesley.” She walked over to David Grimes and made her request. “I have to make sure he’s alive.”

“He isn’t worth anything to me. As long as you stay here quietly, I’ll toss him off the mountain,” David said in a kind voice.

“You’ll escort him down the mountain, not toss him!” said Avery, forcing herself to maintain her calm in the face of her growing fury.

David frowned and said, “Got it.”

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