When His Eyes Opened Chapter 541

“Hey, who are you going to see?” Mike asked. “This is Bridgedale. Are you familiar with the place?”

“Even the Devil would do anything for money. Everyone knows that. As long as I’m willing to cough up the money, plenty of people would be lining up to risk their lives for me!” Elliot responded.

Mike watched Elliot brag, and in the end, Elliot had frightened him so much with his passion that Mike obediently got out of the car.

However, Mike did not forget to take a jab at Elliot.

“Did you cry when Avery ignored you at the airport that day? I bet you did. I should’ve recorded the whole thing—”

“F*ck off!” Elliot shot a glare at him and slammed the car door shut.

Avery was lying in bed at the White Mansion when Wesley’s medical report arrived. She got out of bed and took the report.

With all of his injuries, his report came up to several pages.

Avery spent quite a while looking through the report.

“He’s not d**d, Miss Tate. He’ll be fine after some rest,” said the woman who was responsible for monitoring Avery.

It was true that Wesley’s life was no longer in danger, but he was going to be crippled for life.

Many of his injuries were irreversible.

They were unable to reattach his severed finger.

His vision was also affected.

Many of his wounds would metamorphize into hideous scars.

Avery wanted to cry, but she had run out of tears.

“Miss Tate, I suggest you get rid of that bitter and hateful expression. Men don’t like that. If you want to keep a foothold here, then you need to get on Mr. Grimes’s good side.”

Avery felt like she just heard some kind of joke.

“A foothold? Who says I want to stay here?” She shot to her feet in anger and snapped, “Take me to him!”

She wanted to see exactly what kind of illness the person David wanted her to save was suffering from.

If she could save them, then she would do it quickly and leave this hellish place!

The woman smiled, then led the way.

The mansion was built like a maze. After turning a few corners, Avery was beginning to feel dizzy.

“We’re here.” The woman stood in front of a door, then said, “Mr. Grimes is inside.”

Avery entered the room. It was decorated lavishly and gilded with gold.

“How did you sleep last night, Miss Tate?” David walked to her with a smile on his face. His eyes roamed across her body, and Avery felt as if she was a product he was examining.

“Who do you need me to treat? Take me to the patient!” Avery glared at him with cold eyes, then said, “Let’s make things clear first. If I cure their illness, then you have to immediately let me go!”

“Of course,” David responded gleefully. “If you can cure her, not only will I let you go, but I’ll also pay you handsomely!”

The conversation concluded, he took her to see her patient.

The two of them walked up to a room. David opened the door, and tendrils of cold air slithered out of the room.

Avery knew that something was terribly wrong.

When she finally saw the so-called patient, she shrieked in horror!

In the middle of the spacious room was an ice c****t with a beautiful woman laying inside it.

However, the woman… was d**d!

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