When His Eyes Opened Chapter 553

Avery choked, “I want to leave this hospital.”

Elliot did not want to further agitate her, so, he turned around and went to fetch the doctor.

“Miss Tate, if you insist on going home, I’ll allow your discharge, but we will first need to run some further tests on you. If all is well, I’ll immediately arrange for your discharge.”

Once they were done with their tests, the doctor approved her discharge. The moment she got home, she shut herself in her room. Before she had left the hospital, they had done an ultrasound, and the scan revealed the baby to be two sizes smaller than it should be.

It showed that the child had stopped growing ever since her arrival in Bridgedale. It was a terrible sign. The doctor had advised Avery to abort the child, but Avery could not accept his prognosis.

“Why don’t we find her a therapist!” Mike was discussing the matter with Elliot in the living area. “The doctor said that her depression is not solely caused by the child. I think he is right. She has been through a lot, especially with Grimes. That is enough to mentally destroy her.”

Elliot looked in the direction of Avery’s room and said, “Let’s give her some time. I believe she will come out of it.”

“Okay, then! The child in her—”

“Since she wants to give birth to it, let her do it.”

Mike furrowed his brows. “What if the child is unhealthy? What if it’s an idiot?”

Elliot looked at Mike with reddened eyes, “So, what if it’s mentally compromised?”

Mike pursed his lips and stopped talking.

Suddenly, Avery’s room door swung open, and she came out of her room. They looked at her.

“I want to see Wesley.” Avery lowered her gaze. Her tone was cold. She was still weak. Although she could walk, she looked like she could fall over at any moment.

“I’ll take you,” Elliot quickly walked to her and held her arms, helping her.

Avery pushed Elliot away. She looked at him. “Elliot, if this child really is going to be born an idiot I’ll not burden you with it. I will raise this child on my own.”

Elliot was stunned. “Did Avery hear us?” he thought. He did not recall calling the child ‘an idiot’. He did not like to use such language. “Why did she have to use such language?” he thought, feeling down once again.

Mike noted the tense atmosphere between them. He immediately approached Avery, “Avery, I’ll take you to see Wesley.”

Mike grabbed her hand and led her away.

On the journey to the hospital, Mike secretly snuck glances at her. He wanted to say something, but he hesitated.

“I heard your conversation.” Avery broke the silence.

“Oh, he did not say that he did not want the child—”

“I know,” said Avery, feeling the familiar b**n of tears. She stared out the window. “The first time I had met Shea, she was all alone. She did not have a sense of self, and she did not have any friends, but Elliot had built her a fairytale kingdom. He had built her a kingdom, and she was the only person in it.”

Mike seemed to have understood what Avery was saying.

“Elliot has never publicly acknowledged his relationship with Shea. He also did not want others to know about Shea. He loves Shea a lot, but I don’t see him having any respect for her as a human being,” Avery’s voice was flat. “If our child is disabled, I can’t allow him to be the one to raise the child. The child would only be another Shea.”

“Avery, don’t be so pessimistic. Your child will be fine! It might even be healthy!” Mike said, comforting her, “Don’t worry yourself with problems that have yet to pass.”

“If he truly thinks the way you do, then he would have supported me in my decision to not abort the child!” said Avery as she recalled how cold he had looked.

Mike said in shock, “He told you to abort the child?”

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