When His Eyes Opened Chapter 554

When the doctor asked me to consider aborting the child, Elliot said nothing. His silence is his tacit agreement that the child should be aborted.

Avery took a deep breath and continued bitterly, “He is the child’s father, how could he treat his own child so heartlessly?”

It took a great deal of thought before Mike finally said, “Perhaps, he is used to listening to doctors.”

“He never listens to doctors. When he was sick, he would smoke and drink whenever he pleased. A person like him will not listen to anyone unless he wants to.” She blinked a couple of times and said in a broken voice, “He clearly doesn’t want our unhealthy child!”

“Avery, don’t think of him that badly. I can’t speak on other matters, but I know that he truly loves you.” Mike was trying to change the topic as he did not want to continue speaking about children.

“I know.” Avery sniffled. Her voice sounded nasal. “If he did not love me, he would not have come and rescued me.”

Mike nodded in agreement.

“Mike, I love him too. I love him a lot,” said Avery, the words catching in her throat.

“I know. If you didn’t love him, you wouldn’t have given birth to his children.” Mike furrowed his brows. “Avery, what do you plan to do? Don’t tell me you’re planning on breaking up with him?”

“I don’t want to break up with him, but I don’t want this unhealthy child to make him the target of ridicule either!” Avery’s eyes were red. “I can’t abort this child, not when it is almost fully formed. I can’t do it! I really can’t do it…”

“Don’t think about this now. No matter what you decide, I’ll always stand by your side.” Mike passed her the box of tissues.

Soon, they arrived at the hospital.

Mike guided Avery to Wesley’s ward. They stood outside, and Wesley’s mother stepped outside to receive them. She looked at Avery; her stare was as cold as ice. “Avery, I want to talk to you in private.”

Avery followed Sandra into the corridor. They walked to a secluded corner and stopped.

The sunlight that streamed in through the window was bright and piercing. Sandra stared out of the window for a while, before she turned to look at Avery. “My son is never going to be whole again, and it’s all thanks to you!”

“Aunt Sandra, I’m sorry.”

“What use is there being sorry?! Wesley is my only son! Do you know how I feel seeing him like this?” hissed Sandra as tears fell from her eyes. “The amount of love I felt for you is the amount of hate I feel for you right now! How dare you appear in front of us?”

“I just want to apologize to you, Mr. Brook, and Wesley.”

“We don’t accept your apology!” Sandra pointed at the lift. “Leave this place at once. Don’t ever let me see you again! I feel unlucky just by looking at you!”

When Mike entered the ward, he saw the pretty bouquet of flowers sitting on the table. He asked, “Did Shea send this?”

Wesley had woken up a few days ago. He was in quite good spirits. As his leg was broken, he could not get out of bed.

“Hmm. She would send me a bouquet every day. I’m really grateful for her.”

“Wesley, you have such a positive outlook. You’re still able to be grateful to others despite the terrible ordeal you have been through,” said Mike.

Wesley’s eyes were still bloodshot, but there was a bright light in them. “David Grimes is d**d. Avery and I are still alive. We won.”

“It’s good you think this way. I wish I could say the same for Avery. She is not doing as well as you are,” said Mike as he glanced at the door. “I’ll go and check on her. See why isn’t she in yet.”

Mike walked out of Wesley’s ward, but Avery was nowhere in sight. The only person he saw was Sandra.

“Aunt Sandra, where is Avery?”

Sandra replied coldly, “I don’t know. My son needs to rest. Don’t bring her here ever again!” She went into Wesley’s ward and shut the door.

Mike suddenly realized that even though Wesley himself did not blame Avery for what had happened that did not mean that his family shared his views.

Avery had just gotten discharged, and she was still emotionally unstable. Avery must be in a lot of pain, especially with the cruelty she must have experienced at the hands of Sandra.

Mike immediately rushed to the lift. Avery did not have her phone or money with her. She was still injured! “Where have you gone, Avery?” thought Mike.

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