When His Eyes Opened Chapter 566

Both of them were stunned.

“Big H… don’t sell these coins just yet! I think their value will go even higher,” gasped Mike.


“Don’t tell your mom about this yet” Mike continued, “she might have a heart attack if she finds out about this.”

“I will pass you the money, and you can give it to her.”

“Sure… Let’s go eat!” Mike lifted Hayden off his feet. Mike knew that Hayden had far surpassed him in what he had managed to accomplish.

Meanwhile, Avery had just finished surgery on her client’s father and was now having a meal with the client at a hotel in Bridgedale.

“Dr. Tate, do you know Zoe Sanford?”

Avery’s heart sank, but she did not let it show. “Not really. Why?”

“She has been trying to get information from you through a friend of mine. I wonder if she found out about the deal between us. Why would she be gathering intel on you, if you don’t even know each other?”

“What did your friend say?” Avery asked.

“I told my friend not to say anything. I didn’t tell many people that you are operating on my father, so I’m not sure how she managed to find out about this.”

“Well, if she managed to find your friend, it means she already knows.”

“Yeah! But this shouldn’t affect your life in any way, right? I heard that you are running a business in Aryadelle.”

“Not at all.”

“That’s good to hear. I’ve already had my assistant transfer the remaining balance to you,” the client said with a smile, “Your charges are steep, but you are worth every penny. Why haven’t you marketed yourself, Dr. Tate? I wouldn’t have known that you studied under Professor Hough if it had not been for that kidnapping incident.”

“I have to return to Aryadelle to fulfill my senior’s d***g wish.”

“I see. May I come to Aryadelle to get your help in the future?”

“It depends on whether I have the time for it since I will be going back to Aryadelle in a few days’ time.”

“What a shame. I was going to introduce a few more people to you. Looks like I will have to do that on your next visit.”


Avery had earned seventy-eight hundred thousand dollars with this surgery alone, and it was the client who had decided upon that amount, and not her.

She needed the money, and she also knew that it was an acceptable amount if the client himself proposed it. As such, she did not reject the offer.

It took a little over a week to prepare for the surgery, and the wound on her arm was no longer as painful.

It had been two months since she had last seen the children, and she missed them dearly.

After exiting the hotel, she scheduled an appointment at the hospital. She was going for her scheduled checkup.

She was four months into her pregnancy, so she would need to get a checkup before she returned to Aryadelle.

Upon arriving home, Avery glanced at the calendar and went online to book her flight.

For some reason, she kept thinking of Elliot whenever she had thought about going back.

Elliot had not contacted her since his last outburst. She could not help feeling upset whenever she had thought about what he had said.

He claimed that she did not care about how he felt. “How could he so easily make such accusations? Is right if I accept the one and a half billion dollars?” she thought.

She did not have the courage to accept the money, considering the nature of their relationship.

After taking a shower, she got into bed. She was exhausted. She had an early appointment at the hospital, so she could not afford to stay up late.

The next day, the bodyguard sent her to the hospital.

She described the nature of her condition to the doctor treating her, and the doctor had her lie on the bed.

“Is your baby sixteen weeks old?” The doctor ran the ultrasound sensor across her abdomen.

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