When His Eyes Opened Chapter 569

Zoe almost spat out the water she had just drunk.

“What does she mean by returning every last penny? Once Elliot gave me the money, it was mine! Why should I return it?” she thought.

“Avery, I know that you desperately need to pay Elliot back and that you need money for that,” Zoe muttered nervously, “but there is no reason that I should give up my hard-earned money for you! I’ve put in so much effort and time into treating Shea—”

“But you didn’t perform those surgeries on Shea,” Avery interrupted calmly, “I am only asking you to give back the three hundred million and not the interest. Consider the interest as compensation for your hard work!”

The corner of Zoe’s lips twitched. She did not know what to say.

“How ridiculous! Avery is being ridiculous!” she thought.

“Zoe, has no one ever told you that there’s no such thing as a free lunch?” Avery said sarcastically. “You sure are brave. You have been daring— telling Elliot lies and accepting his money. Aren’t you afraid for your life?”

Zoe’s eyes grew wide with rage. “Avery Tate, don’t think you can say whatever you want to me just because you are Professor Hough’s last student! We are living in modern times where proof means everything. Do you think you can just erase everything which I have done just by saying a few words?”

“Oh, your effort… Do you mean your effort in playing pretend?” said Avery.

Just then, the waiter came back with her juice, and she took a sip to soothe her throat.

Zoe clenched her fists and glared at her. “Give me proof, Avery! Without proof, what you say won’t matter! Do you think that you can get away with everything just because Elliot’s in love with you?! I won’t help you!”

Avery took a few sips of her juice before slowly taking out her phone.

“What are you doing? Are you calling Elliot?!” There was a slight tremor in Zoe’s voice. “Calling him is not going to help you! I have plenty of witnesses!”

“If that’s the case, why are you so nervous?” Avery arched an eyebrow and glanced at her in contempt. “Do you happen to know that I have proof?”

“You have proof?!” Zoe squeaked. She sounded as though someone was strangling her.

“I wouldn’t have come to you asking for money if I didn’t have the proof now, would I? Do you think that I assumed you would cough up the money from the kindness of your own heart?! Or do you expect me to beg for it instead?” Avery pulled up a video and showed it to Zoe. “This is a video of Shea’s first surgery. Though you can only see the eyes of the head surgeon, I’m pretty sure that Elliot would be able to recognize them straight away.”

Zoe’s blood ran cold. She felt short of breath as she watched the video on Avery’s phone.

“That’s Avery! Avery was the person who did Shea’s surgeries?!” she thought.

Though Zoe had guessed that Avery had been behind the surgeries, she had never thought that Avery would record the surgery.

She had first thought that Avery had been avoiding Elliot so that she could keep her children safe, and she had thought that Avery had no intention of taking his money. Zoe realized that she had been wrong and that Avery had merely been waiting for the right time.

“Don’t you care if Elliot finds out that Layla and Hayden are his children?” Zoe plastered a hideous smile onto her face.

Avery shrugged. “I need the money, and what you said is nothing compared to the three hundred million. Besides, he probably already knows.”

All strength was instantly drained from Zoe. She slumped in her chair as fear filled her eyes.

“Zoe, transfer the three hundred million into my account within the next three days, or I’ll send Elliot the video, and get him to get the money back himself,” said Avery as she gave Zoe a smile. “I’m sure you know the kind of man Elliot is, and you know that he is going to be a lot less gentle than I am.”

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