When His Eyes Opened Chapter 578

She glanced at him and quickly turned away. Stepping out of the elevator, she walked right past him.

“Avery!” He grabbed her arm.

She paused before punching him in the chest with her free hand. “Let me go!” she yelled in a hoarse and broken voice, “Let me go!”

Elliot released her after seeing her reaction. Noticing the tears in her eyes, he swallowed and asked, “What’s wrong, Avery?”

She was clearly emotional, and he could not imagine what must have happened to have caused it.

Avery stared at his face, and the pain in her heart grew. If only Elliot had not asked the doctor to administer the medication, then there might have been a chance that the baby would not suffer this condition. She wanted to blame him, but she knew that it was wrong, especially when he had not intentionally done so.

“Don’t follow me, Elliot Foster!” she said as tears slid down her face. She turned around and left.

Elliot watched as she walked away. He could not stay calm, and he ran after her.

Just then, the door to the elevator opened and Mike stepped out.

It was the receptionist who had called Mike and asked him to come.

“Elliot Foster! What are you doing here?” Mike caught up with Elliot and grabbed him by the arm. “Are you here looking for Avery? What do you want from her?”

Avery turned around when she heard Mike’s voice, and when Mike saw her red, tear-filled eyes, he instantly came to the conclusion that Elliot must have hurt her in some way.

“F*ck! How dare you hurt Avery!” Mike swung his fist and punched Elliot in the face.

Elliot did not react in time and took the punch. His expression darkened, and he immediately retaliate with a punch as well.

“President! Director Mike is fighting Elliot Foster!” Startled, the receptionist stopped Avery and said, “Hurry and go stop them!”

Avery stopped.

“President Tate! I think Director Mike is losing!” The receptionist panicked as she watched the fight unfold.

Avery took a deep breath and strode toward them.

“Stop it!” she roared. She had stopped a step away from the two men. When they heard her, they instantly stopped fighting.

The receptionist gasped. She could understand why Mike had obeyed Avery, but Avery had just scammed one and a half billion out of Elliot, “So, why did he obey her?” thought the receptionist.

“Fight somewhere else if you want to! Just leave me alone!” Avery said as she sobbed. Then, she left.

Elliot wanted to go after her, but Mike stopped him.

“Elliot Foster! What the f*ck did you do to Avery?!” Mike asked angrily while wiping the blood off the corner of his mouth.

Elliot glared at him. “I was about to do something, but I didn’t get the opportunity to do it!”

“Then why is she crying?!”

“Let go of me! I’ll go ask her!” Elliot flung Mike’s hand away.

“This is really not your doing?” Mike grabbed Elliot’s arm again in disbelief.

The receptionist brought two cups of warm water and handed them to the men. “Director, Mr. Foster ran into President Tate in the elevator… and they did not speak much. So, I don’t think he is the one who made her cry,” said the receptionist. Unable to bear the tension between the two men, she hurried back to her post.

Mike released Elliot’s arm awkwardly.

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