When His Eyes Opened Chapter 598

Avery was shocked! She could not believe it! “How could Elliot do that! Why did he boycott Eric? Why?!” she thought.

Eric’s manager recounted the incident painfully, “Elliot’s assistant contacted me yesterday. She told me that Elliot wanted to meet Eric. As for what they spoke about, I don’t know, but when Eric left his office, he looked glum. They must have fought. I never thought that Eric would be boycotted…”

Avery said, “How is Eric right now?”

His manager replied, “He is still alright. After all, even if he quits the entertainment industry, he can still take over the family business. But, I don’t want him to quit! He was born a celebrity! Miss Tate, you have to help Eric!”

Avery said, “Don’t worry, I’ll go look for Elliot right now.”

His manager sighed in relief. “Thank you!”

After the call, Avery went through her contacts and found Elliot’s. Elliot and Eric did not have any personal contact with each other. If they had met, it must be because Elliot was returning the card to Eric.

They must have fought, but that was not important. What was important was that they had fought because of her.

Just when she was about to call Elliot, her office door swung open.

Mike strode in. “Avery, Eric has been boycotted! I called Chad. He said that he had left with Elliot this morning on a business trip. They are not in Avonsville!”

Avery was stunned. Elliot had done this on purpose. He was afraid that she would go looking for him, so he went on a business trip!

Avery pressed the call button with trembling hands.

“I’m sorry, the number you have dialed is not in service, please try again later.”

Not only was he on a business trip, but he also turned off his phone!

His intentions were clear. He wanted to boycott Eric! He was not going to allow her to talk about it!

Avery was so furious her temples hurt.

“Avery, don’t get angry! It will affect the baby! He can’t be on a business trip forever.” Mike comforted her. “Let Eric treat these few days as a holiday.”

Avery found it unacceptable. “Where is he off to?”

Mike immediately tried to talk her out of it. “Are you going to look for him? Didn’t you say that the child isn’t growing well and that you have to rest? Calm down! Don’t be so impulsive!”

Mike poured her a cup of water, and she accepted it. She drank all the water. The rage in her heart was still violently burning.

Elliot targeting Eric meant that he was also taking things out on her! “Does Elliot really think that I’m going to take things lying down?” she thought.

“Mike, go and book a hotel, and get the media involved. Have them be there this evening at seven. I am going to make an important announcement,” said Avery to Mike with a sparkle in her eyes.

Mike furrowed his brows. “Avery, what are you trying to do? Don’t tell me you’re going to announce to the media that you and Eric are together?”

Avery did not reply to his question. “Just do it.”

At six in the evening, the Tate Industries posted an announcement on their Tweeter. It said, [7 p.m. See you there!]

They had tagged all the accounts of the brands which had dropped Eric.

That was posted along with a live stream link.

The live stream had not started, so no one knew what it was about. However, everyone had figured that the live stream had definitely something to do with Eric.

An hour later, the live stream began.

The host that night was Avery’s secretary.

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