When His Eyes Opened Chapter 600

Chad and Elliot were in the black Rolls-Roice. Chad had accepted a phone call from Mike, and when he had ended the call, he turned and looked at Elliot.

“Mr. Foster, Mike just called me. He invited me to a hotel to have a meal.” Chad hesitated, “Do you want to come?”

Elliot’s expression darkened. “They didn’t invite me. Why should I go?”

Chad said awkwardly, “I heard that Avery had called you this morning, but she could not get through to you. Why don’t… you two meet and talk? Don’t pay attention to her smiles while she was on the live stream. Mike said that she was absolutely livid. I’m guessing she dressed as she did to upset you.”

Elliot’s gaze darkened. “How do you know she did not wear it for Eric?”

Chad could feel Elliot’s anger, and he dared not say more.

Eric was at the hotel, and he was giving a demonstration on the latest drone that came out of Tate Industries. Later, by popular demand, he sang for them too.

The live stream suddenly became an online concert!

Avery stepped down from the stage. Mike had a sweater with him, and he was about to drape it over Avery but she refused.

“It’s summer. I’m not cold.”

Mike said, “But the aircon is quite cold.”

“I’m not cold.” Avery placed her palms on the back of his hands, allowing him to feel the heat that wafted off her. “Pregnant ladies are afraid of the heat.”

“Okay then! Just now, a few reporters approached me. They are very interested in the father of your child,” Mike said. “It looks like the live stream gained more viewers and attention than I thought it would. By tomorrow, everyone will know that you are pregnant.”

Avery had thought about the outcome, but she was not afraid.

“Pregnancy is not an embarrassing thing. Nothing will change if they know about it.”

“But you’re not married!” said Mike, pointing out the obvious. “The public will want to know who the father is.”

Avery said, “If they want to know it, that’s their problem. It doesn’t affect my life.”

“Oh… Aren’t you afraid that they will find out that Elliot is the father?” Mike twisted open the cap of a water bottle and passed it to her.

“I can possibly just stay home and not see others because I’m afraid that they might find out about it, right?” Avery accepted the water bottle and took a sip. “Furthermore, I’m doing this tonight because he forced my hand.”

Mike looked down. He glanced at her chest. “This is the first time I have seen you wear such s**y clothes. How did your figure escape my notice? I’m sure someone will go mad tonight! Hahaha!”

Avery knew the ‘someone’ he was referring to, but she did not care about his feelings.

“Are you tired? If you’re tired, I’ll send you back,” Mike said. “I called Chad. He told me that he and his boss are back. I told him to come here so that I could have a meal with him… He… might bring Elliot along.”

Avery raised her eyebrows. “Who allowed you to invite Chad?”

Mike scratched his head. “Your fight with Elliot should not affect my relationship with Chad!”

“Okay, fine! I’m not tired. I’ll leave with Eric later.” Avery stuffed the bottle of water in Mike’s hand. “I’m going to listen to Eric.”

Eric had finished his song not long after Avery appeared. He invited her up on stage for a duet.

Everyone stared at Avery. A faint blush colored her cheeks, and she smiled. Lifting the train of her gown, she was about to get up on stage when a huge, hulking figure clad in black appeared at the entrance.

Mike noticed Elliot standing beside Chad. He was a little stunned but not too surprised.

Mike had told Chad about the live stream that night beforehand, so Elliot would definitely have watched the live stream.

Elliot would have been aggravated just by seeing how intimate Eric and Avery had appeared, and there was no need to even go into how ravishing she looked that night.

Mike whistled secretly. Avery still had tricks up her sleeves! She knew how to make this proud man bow to her!

Mike tugged Avery’s arm and whispered two words in her ear, “He’s here.”

Avery looked toward the entrance. Elliot had already entered by then.

He stared coldly at her, and his arrogance had set him apart from the rest of the crowd.

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