When His Eyes Opened Chapter 601

Avery pushed Mike’s hand away and collected her thoughts before walking up on stage. She accepted the microphone from her secretary and faced Eric.

The crowd could only see her side, but they could still make out the elegant arch of her beautiful eyebrows.

The intro of the song played, and they both looked at each. They gave the appearance that nothing else but the other mattered.

Elliot walked to the front of the stage. The bodyguard pushed the people away from him. The atmosphere there was extremely strange!

No one expected Elliot to come!

The insiders had heard of the rumor that Elliot was responsible for the boycott. Therefore, his appearance there truly stumped them. They wondered why he was here, and they wanted to know if he was here to find fault with Eric or Avery?

Whatever happened next would be something to watch.

Mike noticed that there was something wrong with the look Elliot wore. He immediately texted Chad. [When they have finished singing, I’ll take Avery away. Keep your boss in place! Don’t let him get up on the stage and cause a scene! We’re still live streaming!]

Chad replied, [I’ll try to keep him in check!]

Mike texted, [Count for yourself and see. How many times has this happened? He clearly knows that he is no match for Avery, yet he still wants to make her angry! I’m so done with him!]

Chad replied, [Shut up! It’s their affair! Let them deal with it! No matter what we say, they’ll still do it their way.]

Mike replied, [Okay. Avery looks gorgeous tonight, right?]

Chad looked at Avery on stage. [From the side, her tummy looks huge!]

Mike texted, [Out of all things you only b****y saw her belly?]

Chad replied, [Should I be looking at her b***s instead? She is Mr. Foster’s woman! I won’t dare to look!]

Mike replied, […]

Once the four-minute love ballad ended, Mike strode up on stage and grabbed Avery’s arm, leading her off stage.

Elliot’s expressions were extremely dark by then.

Once Avery left the stage, Eric immediately placed the microphone down and followed her.

Chad carefully said to Elliot, “Mr. Foster, why don’t you go and talk to Avery!”

Elliot turned his cold gaze away from Avery.

“She wants to talk? Sure! Tell her she can find me at my house! I don’t want to see that baby face!” Elliot spat before storming off. Everyone was baffled by his swift and angry departure.

He had only listened to one song before he left. They thought that something dramatic would happen!

Chad walked over to Avery and passed on the message.

“Avery, don’t go looking for him!” Eric grabbed Avery’s arm and pleaded. “Even if I quit the entertainment industry, I don’t want you to look for him!”

Avery looked at Eric gently and said calmly, “Hmm, I won’t look for him. I’m a little tired. I’ll head back to rest. There will be dinner later, have some food before you leave.”

Eric released Avery’s arm.

Half an hour later, the bodyguard sent her home. Avery went upstairs, removed her makeup, showered, and changed into a comfortable pair of pajamas.

After doing all that, she picked up her phone on the bed and looked at the time. It was almost ten. “Is inappropriate if I go to his house now?”

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