When His Eyes Opened Chapter 614

The meeting went much smoother than expected. The patient’s family understood clearly the risks that Avery stated. They only wished that Avery could help treat the patient. Even if the surgery failed, they would accept the outcome.

After the meeting, Avery came out from the patient’s home. She turned around and looked at the mansion behind her before entering the car with a heavy heart.

The bodyguard reminded her to buckle her seatbelt before driving onto the wide road.

Avery could not help but say, “Have you ever seen two people who were born in different countries yet looked alike?”

The bodyguard said, “Miss Tate, I rarely travel. I barely know any foreigners.”

“Then, have you ever seen two unrelated people in the same country who look alike?” said Avery changing her question.

The bodyguard thought for a while before saying, “I don’t know many people, but I think situations like this do exist, only quite rare. I think I saw it on the news before. Miss Tate, why are you suddenly asking me this?”

Avery was a little stunned. Then, she immediately shook her head. “Nothing much. Let’s head to the mall to buy some stuff.”

The bodyguard said, “What do you need to buy? Why don’t I send you home and I’ll go get it? Mike told me to not let you venture into crowded places. He said it would be bad if someone were to bump into you.”

Avery said, “What else has he told you?”

The bodyguard thought for a while. “Mike also told me to not let you out at night and to be careful during the day. I also should not allow you to meet with strangers.”

Avery said, “There are so many pregnant women on the street. All of them are fine. What could happen to me?”

The bodyguard looked around. “Where? Where are these pregnant women? I only see you!”

Avery was speechless. She was just stating an example!

It turned out that not only was her bodyguard inattentive when it came to the goings-on of ordinary life, but he was also a little dense. However, all Avery wanted was his loyalty.

“It’s not the weekend, so the mall should not be crowded,” said Avery. The gift my client gave me wasn’t cheap, and I have to give a gift in return.”

“Oh, okay then! Miss Tate, although you’re not as feminine as the other women, I admire women like you even more. You are capable, and you have children! You’re amazing!” said the bodyguard.

Avery said, “If you don’t know how to flatter someone, don’t do it. I won’t lessen your reward.”

The bodyguard said seriously, “Miss Tate, I’m not trying to flatter you! I’m being serious!”

“He was serious when he said that I’m not feminine?” she thought.

Although Avery did not think that praising women for their feminity was a good thing, she took into consideration her bodyguard’s upbringing and education. To a man like him, calling a woman feminine must be very high praise.

“Miss Tate, did I misspeak?” The bodyguard did not see Avery smile when he peaked at her from the corner of his eyes.

Avery said, “No. I’m happy that you saw me fit for such praise, but you don’t have to do that in the future.”

The bodyguard was stunned, “Oh, okay!”

Elliot had just arrived at Dream City’s construction site.

This was a project that the Sterling Group invested in. Once built, it would be the first large-scale amusement park from a modified intellectual property in the country.

When Elliot got out of the car, he saw Nora. She was waving at him from behind the safety rails. There was quite a distance between them.

“Elliot, Chelsea said that you are visiting the site today, so I came here.” Nora smiled brightly at him. “I’m a huge fan of Dream City! I’ve seen all of its movies! I’m even at the highest level in their video games! I’ve been waiting for this amusement park to be ready!”

Elliot could not help but be once again shocked by how Nora resembled Avery, and he stared at her. “It’s not ready yet.”

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