When His Eyes Opened Chapter 620

Avery got up from bed. She looked at the numbers on the phone and answered the call.

She had never thought that the call was a video call.

“Mommy!” said Hayden in his crisp voice.

Avery looked at Hayden’s face and said excitedly, “Hayden! How did you video call me?”

“I hacked into the camp’s internet and called using a virtual account.” Hayden had a rare smile. “Mommy, is Layla back?”

“She is, but she just went out with Uncle Mike. They are not back yet.” Avery’s face was filled with tenderness. “Hayden, how are you finding camp? Your teacher just called me a few days ago and said that you have made some friends from other countries.”

“Mommy, I’m grown up. You don’t have to worry about me.” Hayden sounded mature.

“How could I not worry about you? Even after you’ve grown up, I’ll still miss you and worry about you.” Avery looked at her son’s face. No matter how much she stared at the screen, she still could not get enough of him. “There are ten more days before I can see you!”

“Mommy, I’ll video call you every night, okay?”

“Isn’t that against the rules?” Avery asked worriedly. “What if your teacher finds out? Will you get into trouble?”

“It’s fine. The teacher knows I’m calling you. I used my skills in order to make the call, and he said nothing,” said Hayden proudly.

Avery was extremely proud. Then, she remembered something, “Hayden, can you please give your Uncle Mike a call later. I want you to try persuading Layla to stop working in the entertainment industry. I’m not short of money, and I can pay what I owe Elliot.

I don’t need the both of you worrying about me. What is most important right now is for the both of you to dedicate yourselves to your studies and to grow up happy.”

later can you give Uncle Mike a call? Please persuade Layla to stop thinking of earning money in the entertainment industry anymore. I’m not short of money. I can pay back the money I owe Elliot on my own. I don’t need you to worry. Right now, the most important thing you two need to do is learn and happily grow up.”

Hayden said, “I’ll talk to her later.”

Avery replied, “Hmm. I’ll talk to her too, but I think she’ll listen to you more.”

“Okay. I’ll call Uncle Mike now.” Even if Avery had not asked him to do so, he would have still called Mike as he saw how puffy and red Avery’s eyes looked. If he were to ask her why she had been crying, Avery would not have told him the truth.

Hayden called Mike and Mike soon picked up the call.

“Why did Mommy cry?” Hayden furrowed his brows, and he looked very serious. “I just video-called her.”

“Uh…” Mike tried hard to come up with something. He hesitated. He did not know whether he wanted to tell Hayden the truth or not.

“Hayden! Hayden!” Layla saw Hayden and exclaimed excitedly, “When are you coming back to play with me! I miss you so much! Woo, woo! I miss you to d***h!”

“Layla, please don’t interrupt,” said Hayden, dowsing Layla’s enthusiasm. Layla obediently fell quiet.

“There is a woman who made herself look exactly like your Mommy, and she is trying to seduce Elliot. Yesterday, she managed to persuade him to stay for dinner, but Elliot had already promised your mommy that he would visit her yesterday afternoon. He did not show up, and they fought because of that.”

“That dirtbag finally shows his true colors,” Hayden said sinisterly.

“Actually, Elliot is not at fault this time. It was that woman. She is the worst. She made herself look like your mommy.”

“What is that woman’s name? I’ll teach her a lesson!” Hayden said.

Mike thought for a while. “I think she’s called N… Nora! I don’t know her full name, but you can search around. She is Chelsea Tierney’s cousin.”

“Got it.” Hayden took note of Nora’s name before changing the subject. “Layla, don’t go starring in entertainment programs in the future. Mommy is worried.”

Layla furrowed her brows and huffed, “I’ve already agreed to two more shoots. I agreed to work with Uncle Eric for two more days! Hayden, I’ll talk with Mommy!”

Hayden also furrowed his brows. “Why are you getting more and more disobedient?”

Layla used to listen to him no matter what.

“I’m adorable. Of course, I want to be a star!” said Layla narcissistically. “Uncle Eric said that he will take me under his wing when I’m older. He said that he’ll make a bigger star than he is! Hayden, I’ll split the money that I earn with you, okay?”

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