When His Eyes Opened Chapter 627

Zoe shook her head. “I didn’t see her, because when I came to my senses, my eyes had already been gouged out! It’s so painful I want to d*e! I heard Avery say that this is what I deserve. I heard it clearly! Elliot, I won’t lie to you! I have nothing now! I can’t lie to you!”

“Her voice?” Elliot was stunned. “Are you sure you didn’t mishear?”

“Impossible! I didn’t make a mistake. I didn’t make a mistake because I hate her so much!” said Zoe as she gripped Elliot’s hand. She gripped his hand as if he were her lifeline. “Elliot I wouldn’t lie to you! Even if I did you would probably immediately find out about it! I beg you! I beg you… please, take pity on me.”

Elliot looked at Zoe’s quivering lips and pale face. His heart was extremely heavy.

His instincts told him that Zoe was not lying, yet another voice in his mind kept reminding him that Avery would not do such a thing!

“Zoe, I’ll look into it, ” Elliot promised. “But before we get to the bottom of it, rest more and get well soon.”

Zoe shook her head. “No… I don’t want to live anymore. I’ll wait for my father to come, and I’ll return with him to Bridgedale. I’ll get my friend to euthanize me. I can’t accept this blindness. Hehehe…” Zoe laughed as she cried.

“No matter what you find, it means nothing to me, because I heard Avery’s voice! She’s the mr! There is no other way!” Zoe choked up and said, “I’ll wait for her in h**l!”

It was dark when Elliot left the hospital, and it was drizzling.

The bodyguard stood next to Elliot with an umbrella.

After getting in the car, the bodyguard said, “Mr. Foster, where to?”

Elliot’s jaw tightened. His voice was cold. “Starry River Villa.”

Zoe only wanted d***h. She did not even want the child within her. Elliot had to make sure that Avery was not the one who had done that to Zoe.

“It’s great if she was not the one, but if it was… how could she be so cruel?” he thought.

At Starry River Villa, Avery was lying in bed, flipping through a medical book.

The children were not home. Mike would only be back later that night. The entire house was strangely quiet.

The wind was howling. Avery closed the book distractedly and looked out of the window.

Looking at the rain patter against her window, she immediately got out of bed and checked if the other windows in the villa had been properly shut.

When she was downstairs, she saw caught sight of the headlights piercing through her window. The lights hurt her eyes.

“Is Mike back already?” she thought.

Avery walked to the door and opened it. She saw a black Rolls-Roice.

“Why is Elliot there?” she thought.

Avery opened the door as she pressed a button that would open the gates.

Elliot got out of the car. He did not let his bodyguard shelter him with the umbrella. With the rain pelting him, he walked to her.

Looking at his darkened expressions under the streetlights, a bad feeling rose in her heart.

She did not know what had happened, and she could not guess it either. Her mind was still a mess when he reached her.

“Why did you not use an umbrella?” Avery looked at his wet face and clothes. “What happened?” she asked, worry dripping from her voice.

“Zoe was the one that assaulted you yesterday morning, right?” Elliot stood by the door. He did not change his shoes, nor did he enter the house. His sharp gaze focused on Avery’s face.

Avery hated this look of his. “I’ve already said it’s a small matter—”

“Her eyes have been gouged. She said that you did it.” Elliot interrupted her. He said anxiously, “Avery, tell me. Did you do it?”

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