When His Eyes Opened Chapter 631

“It was pouring last night. Why did you open the door as wide as you did?” Mike had already guessed the actual reason, and he just did not want to be explicit about what he actually thought.

He would not persist if she did not want to talk about it.

“Zoe said she heard my voice as her eyes were gouged out,” said Avery in a voice like ice. The expression on her face was glacial. “What a poor lier she is? And yet, she still had people who were willing to believe her.”

Mike said, “Thank goodness you have Wesley to confirm your alibi. But what were you doing at Wesley’s yesterday?”

“I was doing some work,” Avery brushed off his question and said, “But no one would have believed me if I told them that.”

“Why would they not believe you? Do they think that you are in a relationship with Wesley? If that’s the case you would have been visiting his house long ago,” teased Mike. “But seriously, I like men like Wesley, but men like him tend to get into relationships with terrible women.”

Avery said, “Wesley will not get into a relationship with a bad woman.”

“I’m not saying that he will intentionally get into relationships with bad women, but that bad women are attracted to men like Wesley.”

“Don’t say that! Good women like Wesley too!”

“Okay, okay! I’m wrong! Wesley will surely be able to find a very good woman,” Mike said. Avery let him go.

After finishing her porridge, Avery handed her empty bowl to Mike.

“If Elliot knew that you spent the entire day at Weseley’s he might not accept your reason like I have,” said Mike. “Now that you’ve established your alibi with the police, I’m sure he will soon find out about it.”

“He has known about it since yesterday.” Avery looked down. “Not only did he suspect me of gouging her eyes out, but he also doubts the nature of my relationship with Wesley.”

“Can’t you just explain it to him? I don’t understand. You’re not in the wrong. What is there to argue about?” Mike sighed.

“I’ve already established my alibi. He won’t believe me, not unless I go into the specifics of why I was at Wesley’s, but I can’t do that because it will breach patient confidentiality. And even if I had told him, he will still be angry with me because he told me not to take on any private cases.”

Mike was stunned. “Since when did you start taking on private cases again? Avery, you are in the late stages of your pregnancy! What are you doing even taking on cases?!”

“See, even you are reacting this way. How do you think he will react?”

Mike said, “Even if I’m having this big a reaction, I can’t do anything about it!”

“He can’t do anything about it either, but he will get angry with me,” Avery’s head started to hurt. “Please leave. I need a nap.”

“Oh. Let me take your body temperature.” Mike placed his hand on her forehead.

Thankfully, her temperature was normal.

“Hayden will be back the day after tomorrow. If you’re not feeling well, you should stay at home, and I’ll go to Bridgedale tomorrow to get him,” said Mike as he stood by her bed.

“I’ll go there myself.” Avery did not forget about Hayden. “I’m fine.”

“Then, I’ll go with you.” Mike’s tone was firm. Even if she refused, it was pointless.

Wesley was rather distracted as he exited Starry River Villa, and he stopped his car by the side of the road.

He took his phone, found Shea’s contact, and called her.

A moment later, someone picked up the call, but it was not Shea.

“I don’t need you to tech Shea,” said Elliot coldly. “Don’t try looking for her either.”

“Why?” Wesley furrowed his brows. “Please pass the phone to Shea. Unless she tells me herself that she does not want me as a teacher, I will not accept your decision.”

“You won’t my decision?” laughed Elliot as though he had heard a joke. He swallowed and said, “I also won’t accept that you and Avery are keeping things from me!”

“So, it’s because of this.” Wesley’s tone softened. He thought about it for a few seconds before sighing, “Elliot, if I tell you what happened, will you please stop torturing her? She had a fever last night, and even in her delirious state, she kept repeating your name.”

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