When His Eyes Opened Chapter 637

“Does anyone want to give it a try?” asked the staff member as he looked at the people around him.

Many raised their hands. They wanted to give it a go.

Avery wanted to raise her hand too, but she could not. Her entire body was so stiff that she found it impossible to move. It was almost as if someone had hexed her. She had almost forgotten about everything that had happened in Aryadelle. However, when she heard what the member of the staff had said, she fell under the assault of memories.

She did not think that technology was so advanced that scientists could create a robot that mimicked human voice.

Hence, Zoe could have heard an artificially generated voice when she had her eyes gouged out.

A woman was invited up to the stage. She greeted the robot. “Hello, my name is Lily. I want to see if you can really mimic my voice.”

The robot was silent for a few seconds before saying, “Hello Lily, I’m trying hard to mimic your voice! Do you think I sound like you?”

A burst of laughter came from the crowd of spectators! The robot almost sounded exactly like her, but as expected of a robot, it spoke a little slower than the average human, and the voice was absent of emotion. It sounded rather odd.

Avery’s chest was tight, but she relaxed upon hearing the odd voice. It sounded rather different than what she had expected.

“Miss Tate, are you interested in it?” asked the bodyguard. The robot isn’t as good as some of the comedians I have heard!”

“Is that so? Can someone fully mimic another person’s voice?” Avery had never paid any attention to this before.

“Of course! Go search for it on the web. There are a bunch of them! This is nothing new.” The bodyguard pointed to the front and said. “Miss Tate, there is a lucky draw up front, let’s go!”

Avery distractedly followed the bodyguard.

“Hayden, go and draw a prize!” The bodyguard picked Hayden up, allowing him to reach and draw a prize.

Hayden was not interested in the lucky draw, but he was interested in the prize. The first prize was a very cool model robot.

It was expensive.

Hayden pulled out a ticket. However, before he could scratch it, a member of the staff quickly took it away from him and scratched away the seal.

“Wow! Buddy, you won first prize!” The staff member exclaimed.

The surrounding crowd cheered.

Hayden smiled brightly. He was experiencing the kind of happiness that money could not buy.

Avery watched as Hayden received the unique model robot from the staff member. She thought the situation rather surreal.

Hayden was really lucky. She wondered whether she was dreaming. Avery pinched her arm. “Owl Looks like this is not a dream!” thought Avery with a smile. She almost burst into laughter when she caught sight of a familiar figure standing at the fringes of the crowd.

Her smile was bright on her face.

“Elliot! Why is he here? When had he come? What is he doing here?” she thought as she quickly walked to him.

The bodyguard and Hayden were still basking in the happiness that came with winning a prize, and they did not notice Avery leaving.

Elliot saw that Avery had noticed him. He quickly turned around and left.

Mike had told Elliot that Zoe’s s*****e had caused Avery plenty of mental anguish, and he had also told Elliot that as a man he should apologize to Avery for suspecting her. It was for these two reasons that Elliot was here.

“Elliot!” Avery saw that he was about to leave. She immediately called out his name. “Stop right there!”

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