When His Eyes Opened Chapter 652

When Chelsea heard that Ben and Elliot were fighting, she hurried over and by the time she arrived, the fight had stopped because Chad had gotten between and broken them apart.

Chad had been accidentally struck for trying to stop the fighting. His spectacles were shattered, and there was blood on his face.

“Outside, now, Ben!” Chelsea commanded coldly before dragging him outside.

Once Ben was out of the room, Chad glanced over at Elliot.

It had been Elliot who was hitting Ben, and Ben did not fight back at all which brought Chad to the conclusion that Ben had somehow provoked Elliot. Elliot would not have attacked him unprovoked. However, the two had been best friends for years and had never even argued much, let alone physically hurt one another.

“Mr. Foster, what happened?” Chad asked as he pushed through the pain. “Did Ben do something? Did he betray you?”

Elliot clenched his fists and went back to sit down on the chair. “Get out!”

Elliot’s head was throbbing, and he struggled to understand what had happened between Ben and Avery. He would not have been so furious if only Ben could tell him what was wrong with Avery.

Chad strode out of the office and walked straight to Ben and Chelsea.

“Everything I said to you last night just went down the gutter!” said Chelsea. She sounded exasperated. “Are you trying to make everyone aware of what happened? What good does this do Elliot? I’m so disappointed in you!”

Ben took out his phone to check the wounds on his face with the camera, and he did not seem affected by Chelsea’s words.

“I can’t get over it unless I let it all out,” he said pathetically. “Don’t worry. I didn’t mention last night.”

Chelsea sighed a breath of relief. “Your face is swollen. You should go get your wounds looked at.”

“Oh. You are not coming with me?” Ben asked gloomily.

“You got what you deserve, so no,” she said, before turning to walk toward Elliot’s office.

Ben sighed and made his way to the elevator. Chad caught up with him.

Chad had also been struck in the face. They both went to get their injuries treated.

The atmosphere was slightly awkward inside the elevator.

“Ben, what’s going on with the two of you? I asked Mr. Foster about it just now, but he won’t say a thing,” Chad asked gingerly. “What’s so severe that can’t be resolved by just talking with one another? Fighting will only affect your friendship.”

Ben did not want to tell Chad about it, as he felt that Chad was, in some way, on Avery’s side.

The elevator arrived on the first floor and the door slowly opened.

Ben’s phone rang, and he pulled it from his pocket. It was Avery.

He had called her the night before, but her phone had been switched off, and she was now calling him back.

He accepted the call. Avery sounded relaxed, “Sorry I didn’t pick up your call last night Ben. Is there something you need?”

“I saw a woman last night in Caesar Hotel, and she looked a lot like you, so I called you to make sure,” Ben said emotionlessly.

Chad was surprised by how cold Ben’s attitude was toward Avery.

“I was at that hotel last night,” she said.

Just as she thought Ben was going to ask why she was in the hotel, he said, “Then there’s nothing.”

With that, he hung up.

Chad was confused. “Ben, I know that you got into a fight with Mr. Foster, but you don’t have to take your anger out on Avery, do you?”

“You have it the other way around, but don’t ask me why I got into a fight with Elliot because of her,” Ben said in a cold voice.

“Oh, I won’t ask.”

Chad did not know what had happened, but judging by Ben’s reaction, the situation was bad.

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