When His Eyes Opened Chapter 657

[So everyone knows that Avery went fooling around with another man despite being pregnant, right?]
[A friend of mine who works at the airport told me that Avery flew overseas earlier this morning. I assume that she did so to hide until the storm passes!] [I’m so scared! My friend posted a screenshot of Avery’s video, and his account was blocked. Will mentioning Avery Tate’s name itself become a taboo soon?]

The netizens had been correct. Half an hour later, the words ‘Avery Tate’ had been completely banned from the internet. This only further provoked the netizens, and soon, Tate Industries became the top most searched topic.

Mike stared at the comments on the internet coldly with his blue eyes.

He should have accompanied Avery to Bridgedale, but with what was happening in Aryadelle, he had more reasons to stay and make sure that the company operated as per usual.

“Mike, um…” Shaun opened the door to Mike’s office awkwardly and asked, “Is… President Tate okay?”

“She went to Bridgedale.”

“Oh… Is she okay?”

Mike arched an eyebrow. “It’s bad enough that the others won’t believe her, but you are her vice president! Do you not know what kind of a person she is?”

“Of course, I believe in President Tate!” declared Shaun. “I’m just worried about her seeing all those comments… People on the internet are really nasty!”

“I’m deleting them.” Mike took a sip of his coffee and said, “If there’s nothing else, please get out for now!”

“Oh… I will arrange a meeting with the other managers to remind them that we should all believe in President Tate…”

“There’s no need. Even if Avery wants to date a different man every single day, that’s her private life. So long as she pays her employees on time, she is a good boss.”

“You are right, Mike!” Shaun suddenly felt a rush of confidence. “It’s not like President Tate is some actress! Why should we be so judgemental about her private life? Those people online must have too much time on their hands!”

Once Shaun went out, Mike picked up the phone and called Avery.

Apart from him, no one else would believe that Avery was not the woman in the video. The reason why he believed in her was twofold: she was a really good friend, and she was his mental support.

Before knowing Avery, Mike’s world had been empty and colorless. She was the ray of light that had illuminated his dark world. She motivated him to lead a better life.

Avery instantly answered the call.

“Mike, I just got home.”

Avery’s tone was calm, so it was likely that she had yet to find out about what had happened.

“Oh.” After a moment’s hesitation, Mike faked a casual tone and said, “Are you getting messages from a lot of people?”

“I haven’t checked my messages yet! Layla said she’s hungry, so we are about to head out for some food.” Avery was sensitive enough to notice that something was wrong. “What happened?”

“Get Layla some food first. We will talk once you get back.” Mike didn’t want to ruin her appetite.

Curious, Avery said, “Tell me right now. Did something happen to the company or-”

“It’s you.” Mike interrupted her and said, “Something happened to you.”

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