When His Eyes Opened Chapter 658

Avery thought that she was dreaming, as she struggled to understand what Mike had just said.

She was sitting at home so what could possibly happen to her?

Mike did not get any response from her and asked, “Avery, when you went to Caesar Hotel back then, did you meet with a man for ‘that’ kind of thing?”

“What kind of thing?”

“It’s that… kind of thing…” Mike could not bring himself to be too direct, but she soon realized what he was referring to from the way he was stuttering.

“What makes you say that?” She walked toward her room with the phone in hand. “Mike, what exactly happened?”

“I’ll send you a video. Check and see if that’s you in it.” Worried that she might get upset after watching it, he hastily added, “I know that you are not the woman in the video, but the resemblance is just too uncanny…”

At this point, Avery could roughly guess what had happened. She hung up, took a deep breath, and clicked on the video Mike had sent her.

The voice of the woman in the video was the first thing she heard, and the familiar sound made her hair stand.

“How can this be? Why does this woman sound exactly like me?” she thought.

Suddenly, she remembered what Zoe had said before she committed s*****e. She had said that she had heard Avery’s voice as her eyes were being gouged out. Perhaps, Zoe had not been hallucinating but telling everyone the truth.

Everyone had thought that Zoe had gone mad, but she had not. The one that was insane was the person who was plotting in the dark. Plotting to defeat Avery.

She studied the woman in the video and soon realized that not only did they have similar voices but faces as well.

She instantly thought of Nora and the possibility of it being her, but when Avery looked down and saw the pregnant belly of the woman in the video, she saw stars.

“How can this be? Is that woman in the video really me?” she thought.

However, there were no signs of rape when she woke up that night in Caeser Hotel. Apart from feeling dizzy, she had not suffered any other discomfort.

The woman in the video had her eyes open and was m*****g loudly, which proved that the woman was awake at the time.

It could not be Avery, as she was asleep and was incapable of doing anything at all.

However, if that was the case, what other explanation could there be for the woman in the video who looked exactly like her, sounded exactly like her, and even had a baby bump like her?

Her phone rang, pulling her out of her thoughts.

She answered the call and heard Mike’s voice, “Avery, have you watched the video? Doesn’t she look like you?”

“That’s not me,” her voice was cold, and it quivered as she spoke. “Someone is imitating me!”

“I thought so!” Mike said furiously. That guy in the video is almost as fat as a pig. You couldn’t possibly take interest in a guy like that!”

“Mike, can you find the person who posted the video?”

“I tried to. I found that the video first appeared on an oversea p*********y website, but the user who uploaded it had already canceled their account.”

“Is it circulating Aryadelle?” Avery lowered her gaze, and she took a deep, despairing breath.

Even Avery doubted herself when she had seen the woman in the video, so it was natural for others to believe the woman to be her. She did not care if others misunderstood, but she did care about Elliot.

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