When His Eyes Opened Chapter 660

It was Chad’s phone.

Everyone turned their attention to Chad, and he immediately started sweating nervously.

He took out his phone and saw that it was Mike. He wanted to answer but did not dare to. If he rejected the call, he would miss out on a chance at gaining important information on Avery.

After a few moments of hesitation, he answered the call under everyone’s watchful gaze.

“Chad, how did your boss react after watching the video?” Mike asked.

Chad glanced over at Elliot and noticed the dark expression on Elliot’s face. His eagle-like eyes were so sharp that they could k**l.

Chad held onto his phone and escaped the office.

“F*ck! What kind of stupid question is that? How else do you expect him to react?” sighed Chad. He had taken a deep, long breath after exiting the office. “Have you managed to get in touch with Avery?”

“I did.” Mike desperately wanted to tell Chad the exact words Avery had said, but he knew that Chad would not buy it without proof, and he became slightly gloomy. “I told you that it’s not Avery.”

“She said it’s not her?” Chad swallowed hard.

“Yeah! She said that someone has imitated her. Chad, you guys might not know what kind of a person Avery is, but I do. She is not the kind of woman that fools around. Apart from work, she spends most of her time taking care of the kids and reading medical books. She has no other hobby,” Mike said, before remembering why he had called Chad in the first place. “So how did your boss react?”

“He is furious.” Chad lowered his voice and said, “Mr. Foster didn’t believe that the woman in the video is Avery as well, because he trusted Avery, just like you do. Unfortunately, Ben was at Caesar Hotel while Avery was there, and he had stumbled upon her while she was in the act with another man. He said that he had been outside the door that night, and he had heard everything that happened.”

“Well, did he go in?”

“No. If he did, word would have gotten to Mr. Foster, and Ben had meant to keep it a secret until Avery gives birth.”

“If he didn’t see it with his own eyes, then there is a possibility that it’s not Avery!” said Mike. “If Nora can make herself look like Avery, would it be so weird if she could imitate Avery’s voice as well?”

Chad was shocked. “Have you read too many novels? Do you think it’s that easy to imitate someone’s voice in real life?”

“I’ve never seen it, but I know it’s possible,” Mike said calmly.

“What about the pregnant belly of the woman in the video?” asked Chad after taking a deep breath.

“Have you not watched a movie? CG effects and makeup can easily make that happen,” said Mike cooly. “You should tell Elliot what I just told you.”

“I don’t dare! Ben is certain that Avery is the woman in that video, and he wants Mr. Foster to cut all ties with her. What’s worse is that my boss sent his men to Caesar Hotel to get the guest list for the past week… They have shown him a record of Avery’s stay, and they have even found a used condom in the room she stayed in…”

Just then, the elevator door opened and Tammy and Jun stepped out of it.

Tammy was rushed forward as Jun tried to slow her down. “Slow down, Tammy! Let me just check to see if Elliot is around—”

“I saw Chad! Elliot is definitely around!” Tammy said, before struggling out of Jun’s grasp.

Chad walked up to them and asked, “Why are the two of you here?”

“I’m here to see Elliot,” said Tammy cutting straight to the point. “I know what’s going on with Avery.”

Chad was stunned.

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