When His Eyes Opened Chapter 665

She was not the woman in the video. In fact, she was the victim, but she was forced to defend herself because of public opinion.

Avery called Tammy.

“Avery, why did you come back so early?” Tammy was slightly confused. “If I were you, I would have remained a bit longer in Bridgedale. It’s not because I’d be scared or anything, but it’s just that some of the people here in Aryadale are just disgusting.”

“Running won’t solve the problem. I’ve already met with them,” said Avery calmly. “Tammy, I heard that you went to them for my sake. Thank you for trusting me.”

“Why are you thanking me? Coming to think of it, it’s my fault. If only I had kept my phone safe, it wouldn’t have gotten stolen, and without my phone, the thieves would not have been able to trick you into going to that hotel,” said Tammy in frustration.

“Even if they couldn’t steal your phone, they would have come up with other ways to get me there.” Avery looked outside the window and said, “It’s getting cold. Let’s go shopping!”

Avery thought that it was about time she purchase the children’s autumn clothes. Her children were growing fast, and she had to buy them new clothes every year.

very and Tammy decided to meet in one of the malls situated in the city center.

When Tammy saw her, she immediately asked, “How did Elliot react? Did he believe you?”

Avery smiled bitterly. “Even I thought it was me for a moment when I first saw the video, so I don’t expect anyone else to believe it.”

“He’s not just anyone. He is the father of your children!” Tammy said in frustration. “Whatever. It’s up to him whether he wants to believe you or not! You are not married to him anyway. Your life doesn’t revolve around him.”

The two entered the mall and swiftly picked out the clothes they wanted before heading to a restaurant for high tea.

Not long after they took their seats, Tammy noticed someone sneakily taking photos of them with her phone. She immediately walked up to the woman who was taking photos and said, “Are you taking photos without our consent?! Delete them!”

Avery followed Tammy.

Intimidated by Tammy, the woman reluctantly deleted the photos, before saying, “Why are you shouting? It’s not like I was taking photos of you!”

“Taking photos of my best friend is the same thing as taking photos of me! Apologize to my best friend right now, or you are not going anywhere!”

“Tammy, it’s fine,” Avery said.

People began paying attention to them. Avery was not embarrassed at first but soon felt like she was a monkey in a zoo, with everyone watching her every single move. She dragged Tammy back to their table, told the waiter to pack their food, and paid the bill.

“Avery, we didn’t do anything wrong. Why do we have to leave?” Tammy simply could not accept the decision Avery had come to.

“I don’t want to be stared at by so many people. It doesn’t feel so good.” Avery took a sip of water from her glass and continued, “At first I didn’t want to bother with gathering evidence, but then my children are going to school, and if I don’t prove my innocence, they might be affected by the scandal.”

Avery’s concern was a reasonable one, and there was no other way to go about it unless Hayden and Layla stopped going to school in Aryadelle altogether.

“But how do we find proof?” Tammy said in a troubled voice.

The waiter had finished packing their food and brought it over to them.

The two stepped out of the restaurant and Avery said, “The day I went to the hotel a rather handsome male member of the staff showed me to the private room. He sounded as though he knew me. Maybe we can start investigating the hotel staff.”

Tammy beamed. “Then let’s go find him!”

Concerned, Avery said, “If I go, it might alarm him.”

“I’ll go alone then! I don’t know what he looks like though,” Tammy said.

“Video call me once you are inside the hotel,” suggested Avery.

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