When His Eyes Opened Chapter 673

Avery had asked someone out at noon.

She could not sleep the night before and had stayed up the whole night thinking. Chelsea and Nora had been secretly going up against her. If she did not fight back, they would think that she could be bullied. They would do even worse things later. Avery did not want to stay passive any longer.

Avery had not managed to find any evidence that proved her innocence, but she could attack them from a different angle!

Avery went to a restaurant nearby Cole’s office. The person she had asked out was Cole.

She had once truly admired him. She had thought that he was perfect and satisfied all the Prince Charming fantasies she had.

However, when that filter was destroyed, she suddenly realized that he could not be any more ordinary.

Beneath his pretty face lay cowardice, timidness, selfishness, and greed, all consuming his soul.

Avery was drinking water when Cole pushed the door open and entered. He strode toward her.

“Avery, why are you looking for me?” Cole sat opposite her. He deliberately looked at her tummy. “You’re going to give birth soon, right?”

“I’m sure you don’t like children, right?” Avery said calmly.

“How is that possible?! I’m not my uncle!” Cole immediately retorted.

“Then how could you bear to k**l Zoe?” Avery distractedly glanced at him. “Cole, I know all about it. What did Nora give you that helped you get rid of your own child?”

“There was no way that Nora could gouge Zoe’s eyes out without Cole’s help,” thought Avery.

Too bad the Sanfords had no power in Aryadelle. If they did— if they could look into the incident— Cole would not have been able to escape!

“You…” Cole was tongue-tied. He wanted to ask how she had known but immediately realized that he would be exposing himself if he asked.

“Don’t worry. I came here looking for you so that I could understand how you much they paid you to do something that cruel.” Avery sounded calm, but her words had found their mark.

Provoked, Cole’s eyes reddened. “I only wanted to put Zoe in her place. I didn’t mean to kl my child. Avery, why do you have to think of me so cruelly? Zoe k**d herself, I didn’t—”

“Put her in her place? You say it so easily. Let me gouge your eyes out and see how you feel,” Avery said. She saw his brows furrow tightly. His expression darkened. Avery poured him a cup of water. “Just tell me how much Nora gave you.”

“Nothing.” Cole picked the cup up and downed the water in one go.

Avery was stunned. “Then, why did you help them? Cole, are you nuts?”

“Maybe! I hated Zoe— which is why I helped them.”

“If you hated her, why did insist on staying with her?” Avery found it absurd.

“You would surely laugh at me if I told you the reason.” Cole looked at Avery helplessly. “Back then, I only pleased her because she had money. Who would have thought that she’d lose all of her money later and even get pregnant with my child? What could I do? The only thing I could do was to let her keep the child!

“Avery, the only person I ever gave my heart to is you.” Cole was suddenly confessing his love. “When I got together with Cassandra, it was just for excitement and pleasure. None of those women could compare to you.”

Avery exposed his lies. “That’s because they are both d**d. You can’t get anything from them anymore, so you find me especially useful.”

Cole was so furious, his face contorted hideously.

“Avery, I don’t think you looked for me just to tell me this, right? Tell me! What are you here for?”

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