When His Eyes Opened Chapter 674

“I’m here to give you money,” Avery said. “I need you to help me do something. If you do what I say, I’ll pay you. You can name your price.”

Cole never thought that he would be useful to her.

“Money is a small matter. Actually, Nora and I are not even acquaintances. I only flirted with her because I thought she was you…”

Although he had not explicitly given her an answer, his intentions were clear.

“How much money did your company make last year?” Avery asked nonchalantly.

Cole scratched his head awkwardly. “A few hundred thousand! I know I’m not capable. What I earn in a year is less than what my uncle earns in a day.”

“Cole, I’ll give you one and a half million.” Avery interrupted. “If you can accept this price, we’ll continue our discussion.”

“Avery, with how well we know each other, even if you don’t pay me, I’ll still help you!” Cole adjusted his glasses, hiding how delighted he was.

“One and a half million! Of course, I’ll take it,” he thought.

“I still haven’t forgotten the time you helped Zoe hurt me,” Avery warned him. “If you dare betray me this time—”

“Avery, it was hard for me too! Back then, Zoe was pregnant with my uncle’s child. How could I disobey her?”

The moment Cole mentioned this, memories came flooding back to Avery’s mind.

“Cole, do you think that Zoe’s dh changes anything. Do you think that just because she is dd that no one else knows the secrets you shared? I can still tell Elliot about your affair with Zoe. Do you believe me when I say that he’ll send you to h*l to be with Zoe?”

Cole’s face turned pale.

“Don’t be so pessimistic. If you do things well, I’ll consider rewarding you too. If you ruin it, you won’t get anything.” Avery calmed down a little.

“Avery, you have changed.” Cole’s expressions darkened. He said heavily, “You are no longer the innocent woman I once knew. You have become like Chelsea. In front of you, I feel like a small ant.”

Avery said, “Have you ever thought that maybe everything in this changing world that it is you who are stagnant?”

Cole began to sweat profusely.

That afternoon, Eric and Layla were on the entertainment program’s live stream.

The final episode had aired that night, and the live stream was seen as bonus content.

Once the live stream started, it soon climbed up the charts to become the number one live-streamed program.

The live stream was based on their entertainment program. Halfway through the program, the host produced a card. “Layla, we gathered the three most asked questions about you on the internet. I’ll ask you them right now. Are you ready?”

Layla smiled and nodded. “I’m ready.”

The host asked, “Have your mother and father ever considered letting you continue on in the entertainment industry? Everyone likes you very much. They hope that you can become a big star.”

Layla blinked her big eyes and said, “I don’t have a father!”

The host was stunned.

The screen was instantly filled with comments.

[Poor Layla! Her father died at such a young age!] [I want to be her father! It’s too bad I’m a woman!] [Thank goodness her father is d**d. If not, some idiot would start saying that Eric is her father!]

Layla could not see the screen, so she continued to speak, “My mother loves me a lot. As long as I want to stay in the entertainment industry, she’ll agree to it.”

The host smiled and said, “Your mother is very pretty, right?”

“I’ll let Uncle Eric answer this question,” Layla said cheekily. “It doesn’t count if I answer it.”

The staff there burst out in laughter.

Eric blushed. “Layla’s mother is, indeed, very pretty. I have once said that she is my goddess.”

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