When His Eyes Opened Chapter 681

Elliot knew that the inexplicable calmness that he was met with masked the storm that was awaiting him!

Avery had two children, but she still wanted custody of the third child. She wanted to take the child away from him!

She did not even want to hand a single child over to him!

She was cruel!

“Are you not willing?” Avery did not want to give Elliot too much time to think. “If you’re not willing, then you can leave right now. Don’t show up in front of me before the baby’s born.”

The resolution in her voice stabbed Elliot’s heart.

When he asked her what she wanted, he had almost inserted another line.

He had almost said, “I’ll give you anything as long as I have it.”

“Do you think the baby would suffer with me?” he asked with reddened eyes.

“I just want my child to stay with me.” In comparison to Elliot, Avery sounded a lot calmer. “We all suffer in life. That’s not what’s scary. What’s scary is for there to be no love.”

“How can you be so sure I won’t give the child love?” retorted Elliot.

“I don’t want to argue about this with you,” Avery said. “Give me your answer. If you can’t give me an answer, I’ll take your silence as a ‘no’.”

“Of course, I’m going to say no,” said Elliot. The heat of his breath brushed her cheeks. “But, what can I do? There are many things that I can’t change.”

“You don’t need to suffer. If the baby is willing to acknowledge you as his father, then I won’t get in the way,” Avery said.

Elliot let out a cold chuckle and said, “You know that’s impossible.”

Hayden hated him to the core. If Hayden refused to acknowledge him, then how was he going to convince the other two children to love him.

“Do you need the baby to call you ‘Dad’ for you to carry out your fatherly duties?” laughed Avery. “A lot of times, there’s no such thing as a so-called d**d end. If the road is cut off, can’t you just build a new bridge?”

Her words stunned Elliot.

In the living room, Mike glanced at the time once they finished their tea.

“It’s been an hour. What are they talking about? Are they still not done yet?”

Jun yawned, then said, “It’s quiet. I wonder if they’re asleep.”

Tammy and Mike simultaneously shot a cold glare at him.

“Aren’t you guys tired? I’m beat…” Jun got up from the couch and gently pulled Tammy up. “Let’s go home, dear. You can speak to Avery in private and get your scoop. There’s no need to wait around here.”

Once they left, Eric also got up.

“I’ll take you home!” Mike said as he stood up.

“It’s fine. You should go check on the kids.”

“Okay. Thanks a lot for everything, Eric,” Mike said gratefully.

“It was all Layla’s doing.”

“Don’t argue with me. Everyone is well aware of the situation.” Mike patted Eric on the shoulder and said, “Come over more often if you have time.”


Once Eric left, Mike went upstairs.

He first walked over to the master bedroom and tried to eavesdrop through the door.

In the end, he did not hear a thing! It was as if Elliot and Avery really were asleep.

In the master bedroom, Avery was scrolling through her phone after a shower. The sounds of water splashing coming from the bathroom were Elliot taking a shower inside.

He gave up custody of the baby and was given permission to stay the night.

Avery replied to Mike and Tammy’s text messages. She was about to check the news when the bathroom door burst open, and Elliot stormed over to her with a towel wrapped around his waist.

A dangerous aura and hot steam filled the air.

Avery put down her phone, then nervously warned him, “I’m in my third trimester. I can’t sleep with you.”

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