When His Eyes Opened Chapter 682

Elliot strode over to the side of the bed, looming over Avery. “I can settle my own needs.”

Avery was instantly relieved and the tightness in her chest loosened.

“Why don’t you go home then?”

Two people squeezed together in bed was a lot less comfortable than sleeping alone.

“I don’t feel like it.” Elliot sat down on the edge of the bed, and he studied Avery. “This lesson was very memorable.”

This would not have happened if he had known what every part of her body looked like.

Avery could not guess his thoughts, so she said calmly, “It’s in the past.”

“I want to truly learn my lesson.” Elliot’s eyes darkened as he said, “Ben told me that the woman in the video said I couldn’t satisfy you. I should’ve realized it then. When have I never satisfied you? When have I never given in to your needs? I was careless.”

“You’re not careless. It’s just your vulnerable masculine pride at work,” mocked Avery. “So what if I said you can’t satisfy me?”

Elliot gazed at her provocative dainty face, and he was calm when he said, “You’re right. It was my pride at work. In order to prevent anything similar from happening again, I need to familiarize myself with your body.”

Avery was taken aback.

She felt like she was on fire, and she fidgeted nervously.

Elliot held her leg down and said, “Don’t move. Our son will roll around every time you move.”

Avery was silent.

“Is my request going too far?” he said as his hand pushed up her nightgown. “Even so, you’ll just have to bear with it. I also put up with your unreasonable request.”

Avery could tell that he was doing this on purpose.

He was upset that she wanted custody of their child, so he was doing this to humiliate her.

“Ha! Does he think he can humiliate me into breaking down?” she thought.

Avery lay down, picked up her phone, and saw the text messages from Tammy.

Tammy: [He can’t do anything to do since you’re in your third trimester! Hahaha!]

Avery sneakily took a photo of Elliot at that moment and sent it to Tammy.

Avery: [He’s observing me.]

Tammy: [Pfft! Hahahaha! This is k*

g me! How is he such an idiot in private? He’s completely different from what I imagined!]

Avery: [Did you think he was a god? He’s just like all the other normal men. He’s got his own daily routine, too…]

Tammy: [I know! I just view him through gold-colored glasses! Nobody asked him to be so rich!]

Avery: [How are you so hypocritical? You’re not usually like this when you see him.]

Tammy: [That’s because money can’t solve everything!]

Avery: [Did you guys make it home?]

Tammy: [Yeah. Jun’s in the shower, and I’m picking out his pajamas for him.]

Avery: [Okay. Get some rest.]

Tammy: [You two should get some rest too! Hahaha]

Avery exited the messaging app and glanced at Elliot.

Their eyes met.

She had no idea when he started looking at her.

“Are you texting Tammy?” Elliot sat down next to her and pulled the covers over her.

“It’s none of your business.” Avery put her phone down and snuggled into the covers. “Are you done looking?” she snapped.

Elliot did not really look at the other parts of her body because his eyes were drawn to her belly.

In his memory, her belly was flat.

However, now that the baby was causing her stomach to protrude, he wondered if she was in pain.

“It’s pretty tough being pregnant, isn’t it?” he asked.

“You want to give it a try?” Avery teased as she watched his handsome face. “How about you you invest in me, and I’ll do the research on whether men can bear children.”

“Do you have to take a jab at me?” Elliot frowned.

“Not really. I won’t do that if you don’t talk.”

Elliot turned off the lights.

The room instantly fell into darkness.

Avery’s body stiffened, and the earlier wilful arrogance vanished from her voice as she said, “Can’t you give me a heads up before turning the lights off?”

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