When His Eyes Opened Chapter 684

Chelsea felt like someone had rammed a rod into her heart and was in the process of shattering it to pieces.

“I know that it has been proven that Avery is innocent, but how could they get together in just one night?” thought Tammy. “Did Elliot go looking for Avery? Is it because he cares about the baby, or is it because he cares about her’?”

Chelsea was too afraid to guess.

She felt ridiculed and hurt. She looked back upon the last three years and knew that she had been living the life of an idiot.

She no longer held out the hope of being with Elliot, but she did not want any other woman to have him either.

She found Wanda’s number and dialed it.

“Did you find the people you were supposed to help me find?”

“Do you want to act now?” Wanda asked. “Do you have a plan?”

“Just find the people I need. You don’t have to care about anything else,” Chelsea responded. “I can’t take this for another second!”

“Okay, let me make some calls. I’ll get back to you later,” Wanda said, then warned, “I’m only responsible for getting the right people for you. I won’t get involved in anything else. I won’t confess if anything goes wrong on your side.”


After she hung up, Chelsea got up from her seat and prepared to leave the office.

At that moment, Ben opened the door and walked in.

Chelsea felt slightly guilty when she saw him, but it did not show on her face.

“Let’s talk, Chelsea.” Ben closed the door behind him. “That woman that impersonated Avery is your cousin Nora, isn’t it?” asked Ben, cutting straight to the chase.

“How’s that possible?” Chelsea denied the accusation. “Nora’s not that kind of girl.”

“Are you still going to treat us all like a bunch of fools at this point, Chelsea?” Ben clenched his fists. “When you made me go to that meeting with you that day, I just happened to hear her voice… That is too much of a coincidence! Do you think Elliot won’t suspect you?”

“So what if he does? Does he have evidence that Nora was behind that door? Even if he does, it would prove that Nora did it. What does that have to do with me?” Chelsea shoved Ben aside, then said, “Investigate Nora if you suspect her! She’s just my cousin. You can’t drag me into it if she messes up, right?”

Then, she strode toward the door.

Ben grabbed onto her arm and roared, “Chelsea! Stop repeating the same mistakes! If Elliot gets something on you again, you won’t be able to come back to Sterling Group. If you don’t think that’s a big deal, then you might as well just leave now! At least you would still have some dignity left!”

“Ben, you know what kind of person I am? Why would you say something so hurtful?” Chelsea shook her head. “We don’t know who’s going to get the last laugh just yet!”

Then, she stormed out of the room in her stilettos.

Ben watched her slender back and let out an exhausted sigh.

She was a ruthless snake, but it was the same ruthlessness that Ben admired so much about her.

When Chelsea walked out of the office, her phone rang.

She thought it was Wanda calling, so she stopped. She pulled out her phone and realized it was a phone call from someone unexpected.

She hesitated for a few seconds, then answered the call.

At the mall, Elliot and Avery had shopped the entire morning. At this moment, the two were about to have lunch at a nearby restaurant.

The maternity kit and things for the newborn had already been bought.

After they had settled that, Elliot bought a bunch of other stuff for Avery.

There were clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry… etc.

Avery, naturally, refused. She was not used to having such an intimate relationship with him.

She felt as though they were dating.

However, Elliot still bought everything despite Avery’s protests.

Once he was done shopping, the driver stuffed all the bags into the car and left to drop them off at her house.

Avery’s refusal was completely ineffective.

After they took their seats in the restaurant, she ordered her food, then handed the menu to Elliot and asked, “Have you decided what to name the baby, Elliot?”

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