When His Eyes Opened Chapter 695

Chelsea was vicious and savage. Anyone who fell into her hands would not end up well.

“… I’ll tell Chad to get Ben to go find Chelsea Tierney!” There was no way Mike was letting Avery go see Chelsea. “She wants nothing but for something bad to happen to you. Wouldn’t going to her now be looking for trouble for yourself?”

Mike’s voice echoed through the entire villa.

The expressions on Hayden and Layla’s faces turned sullen.

“Don’t go out, Mommy,” Hayden said in a low voice

“Listen to Uncle Mike and Hayden, Mommy. Stay at home like a good girl!” Layla begged softly as she held her mother’s hand.

The appearance of her children returned reason to Avery.

“I won’t go out.” She gave in and stood from the couch. “I’m going to take a shower.”

She was so anxious that she felt like her heart was on fire.

She wanted to do something, but her entire body felt heavy.

When she was anxious to leave the house earlier, the baby kept kicking her as if he knew something was happening.

Avery returned to her bedroom and shut the door. She leaned back powerlessly against the door and breathed deeply.

“Is there really nothing that I can do?” she thought.

If she were in trouble, Tammy would definitely come up with an idea to save her.

She could not just sit at home like this…

Suddenly, Avery’s phone rang, snapping her back to reality.

When she answered the phone she heard Elliot’s powerful voice. “Don’t freak out, Avery. I’ve already sent people out to search for Tammy! We’ll find her even if we have to turn the entire city upside down!”

His words left her slightly breathless.

“I wanted to text you earlier, but I ended up sending the message to Tammy instead. She only decided to come see me after she saw my text…”

“She was abducted. If they had not acted today, they would have done so tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. This is not your fault,” said Elliot firmly.

“How is this not my fault?” said Avery brokenly. “No one but Chelsea could have done something like this! Tammy would have never been abducted if she wasn’t my best friend!”

“Ben’s gone to look for Chelsea…”

“Do you think that would do anything?” Avery’s eyes were cold, but her voice was colder. “Do you think I don’t know the relationship between Ben and Chelsea? If I weren’t carrying your child right now, you wouldn’t even care about Tammy’s life at all!”

Elliot stayed silent for a few seconds, but he did not argue with her.

“I’m coming back right away. Wait for me.”

Avery took a deep breath, then hung up the phone.

She dragged her heavy legs into the bathroom.

She turned on the tap and washed her face.

The thought of them torturing Tammy made Avery’s heart ache.

Her phone screen lit up. She glanced warily over at the phone and saw Tammy’s name flashing on the screen!

Avery thought she was dreaming! She quickly picked up the phone and answered the call.

Once the video call was connected, Avery saw an unfamiliar room crop up on the screen.

The room resembled a dark storage room, and there was a group of filthy men in the room. The men were watching a woman who was unconscious on the floor. Their greedy eyes were filled with lust.

Tammy! The woman on the ground was Tammy!

“Tammy! Wake up, Tammy!” Avery shrieked at the top of her lungs. When she saw that Tammy did not move a muscle, her nails dug into the palm of her hands. “Let go of Tammy! Let her go! I’ll give you anything you want!”

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