When His Eyes Opened Chapter 697

“They went to bed, but Hayden is not asleep yet,” Chad said. “I was afraid that I would disturb him, so I didn’t talk to him.”

“Oh, Hayden is quite mature. He understands a lot. He surely won’t be able to sleep.” Mike was standing outside the emergency room at that moment. His mind was a mess. “Avery’s mood has affected the child. She might go into labor tonight.”

“Wouldn’t that be a premature delivery?” Chad furrowed his brows. “Will the child be alright?”

“I’m not worried about that. I’m only worried about Avery. You didn’t see how terrible she looked, and yet all she was worried about was Tammy…” Mike was pacing back and forth in the corridor. “Give Ben a call. See how he is getting on with Chelsea.”

If Tammy could not be rescued, even if Avery gave birth to a healthy child, she would be able to think about anything else but Tammy.

“I’m guessing nothing has happened.” Chad knew Chelsea well. “If Chelsea is the one who’s done this unless we place the evidence in front of her, she’ll never admit to it. Talking sense into her or playing the friendship card won’t ever work.”

“Avery is adamant that Chelsea is the one behind this. What do you think?” Mike asked.

“I can understand how Avery feels, but I’m not willing to commit to any rash conclusions,” Chad said cautiously. “You said that child could be born tonight. Did you take the maternity kit over?”


“Why don’t I send it over right now?” Chad said. “Get the bodyguard to keep watch at home. It should be fine.”

“Okay! The maternity kit is in Avery’s room. Go look for it.”


In a high-end luxury condominium, Ben was looking at Chelsea seriously.

“Jun is my junior. He respects me a lot, and I treat him like a younger brother. Tammy is his wife, so I have always treated Tammy like my sister-in-law.”

“What is the point of you telling me all this? I am not interested in your relationship with them.” Chelsea brought two wine glasses over. She passed one to Ben. “Don’t tell me you think that Tammy’s incident has something to do with me?”

“Chelsea, this better not have anything to do with you.” Ben’s gaze was sharp. He did not accept her wine. “If it has anything to do with you, forget about Elliot not forgiving you, I wouldn’t forgive you either. If a person does not have a line they won’t cross, what difference is there between them and a wild animal?”

The word ‘animal’ made Chelsea’s composure vanish.

“Why are you suspecting me? Just because I did one bad thing, the other ninety-nine have to be done by me, too?” Chelsea looked at Ben angrily. “Ben, since when have we become like this?”

“Ever since you brought Nora back. You have always been a smart person, but this move is extremely stupid.” Mockingly, he said, “If I were you, I would never have allowed my cousin to pretend to be Avery. Don’t you feel uncomfortable just looking at her face?”

“How does she changing her face to resemble Avery have anything to do with me? It’s her life! It’s her choice! Do you think I could really think I’m telling her what to do? If I was that great, why couldn’t I get the man that I want?!”

Chelsea downed her red wine in one go. Her eyes were wet.

“He doesn’t love you. No matter what you do, he will never love you! This is such a simple thing, why don’t you understand?” Ben snatched the wine glass from her and put it on the table. “Chelsea, I’m warning you for the last time. If you have Tammy you better let her go soon! Don’t risk your life just for a moment of showing off!”

Ben strode away.

Chelsea looked at the shut door. She smiled bitterly. Once she had started, there was no turning back. Even if she knew how terrible the consequences were, she could not stop.

“If I’m in pain, why should Avery be happy?” she thought.

At the hospital, after Chad sent the maternity kit over, Mike pulled him out of the ward.

“She is showing signs of premature labor. The doctor got her to stay in the hospital to observe her.”

“Oh! My goodness! I thought she was really going to deliver!” Chad breathed heavily.

“She is in a terrible mood. The doctor gave her a sedative for her to sleep.” Mike furrowed his brows. “Have we found Tammy yet?”

Chad shook his head. “Chelsea said that this has nothing to do with her.”

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