When His Eyes Opened Chapter 698

“You guessed right. As long as there is no evidence, she will never admit to it,” Mike said dryly.

“After all, nothing good can come out of admitting to it.” Chad looked at the time. “Why don’t you go and rest a bit?”

“Do you think I can fall asleep?” Mike glanced at the ward. “Once she is up, if Tammy is still not found, she will definitely lose it. The doctor has said that she can’t be too agitated right now. If not, she will go into premature labor. She has already bled.”

“Bled?” Chad was stunned.

“Yes, bled. The doctor said that this is a sign of premature labor.” Mike crossed his hands on his waist. “When is Elliot coming back?”

“He’ll reach by seven tomorrow morning,” Chad said. “I hope Avery sleeps until then.

“So what if she sleeps until the next morning? The main point is Tammy is missing. What if the people who kidnapped her had done something to her? The consequences are unimaginable. Think of Zoe. Then think of Nora. They were Chelsea’s doing.” Mike gritted his teeth. “How could Tammy go through such torture?”

Chad’s eyes grew cold. “I’ll go look for Jun.”

In the mall’s surveillance room, Jun was going through an entire night’s worth of surveillance footage. He had looked at every exit’s recording multiple times, yet he had not seen Tammy leaving.

The mall had been swept from corner to corner, yet Tammy was nowhere to be found.

When Chad saw Jun, he noticed Jun’s reddened eyes and utter sadness.

“Tammy is pregnant. She barely even had the time to tell me…” Jun said, tears flowing down his cheeks. “Don’t let her mouth and talk fool you. She is quite timid. She must be extremely afraid right now! I really want to bear the pain for her! That bunch of bstrds! Don’t let me catch them! If not, I will chop them into pieces!”

“Tammy should still be in Avonsville. I asked the train stations and airports. No one has any news on Tammy.”

“Where she is right now is not important. The main point is whether those bunch of bstrds tortured her or not!” Jun turned around and wiped away his tears. “I didn’t protect her well enough. I’m always so busy working that I don’t spend much time with her. I should’ve hired a bodyguard for her.”

“Jun, don’t be so sad. Ben has already gone to warn Chelsea. Chelsea wouldn’t dare hurt Tammy,” Chad said. He was sure that Chelsea was the one behind the abduction.

“It was Chelsea?” Jun clenched his fists tightly, rage burning in him.

Chad said, “Avery suspects that it is her.”

“I think that it’s her too! The things that she has done to Avery… It’s not something a normal person would do! She must have gone mad from jealousy!” Jun said angrily. “She couldn’t find any other way to deal with Avery, so she went for the people around her! On top of that, Tammy has slapped her before; she must loathe her!”

Chad said, “Mr. Foster will be back soon. Once he is back, he will surely help you look for Tammy.”

Jun took a deep breath and suppressed his emotions. “Is Avery alright?”

“She’s not too good. She’s beating herself up even more than you are because she thinks that Chelsea is the one behind this. Tammy and Chelsea had nothing to do with each other till Avery came along. It is because of her that they don’t get along. She’s at the hospital right now, showing signs of premature labor.”

“It’s not her fault! The person who is responsible for all of this is that crazy woman!” Jun clenched his fist and punched the wall. “If anything were to happen to Tammy, I’ll k**l Chelsea!”

At four in the morning, Avery woke up in alarm.

When she got up, she looked around her. Her memories came slowly back to her. Tammy was missing. She did not know if there was any news about her.

Avery furrowed her brows. She flipped the covers aside and got down from the bed. She anxiously walked over to the entrance and opened the door. Mike appeared before her eyes.

“Why are you out of bed?” Mike said, surprised. He held her arms. “Go back to bed and lie down. The doctor says you need bed rest.”

Avery shrugged his hands away, unwilling to cooperate. “Has Tammy been found already? How is she?” Avery’s eyes reddened. Her chest heaved.

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