When His Eyes Opened Chapter 701

Avery’s seemed much more stable than before.

Although she still missed Tammy, her outlook of the world had changed with the birth of the baby.

The child in her had been doing well, but the accident had hastened the birth.

When the nurse showed her the baby, she wanted to cry, but she could not cry. She had run dry of tears.

Avery blamed herself as she looked at the small baby. When Hayden and Layla were born, they were premature too. It was normal for twins to be born prematurely. The pregnancy term was shorter than usual.

Robert was even smaller than Layla and Hayden.

Although she knew that he would survive, she was still upset.

“Avery, does it hurt?” Elliot saw her in a daze, so he broke the silence.

Avery shook her head gently. She had been injected with anesthesia before the surgery. The effects had not worn off yet, so she did not feel pain.

“Have you seen the baby?” Avery’s eyes fluttered. Her voice was very soft.

“I saw him. He looks like me.” Elliot gently held her hand and said hoarsely, ” Avery, thank you.”

“The child is still so small…” choked Avery. “It’s all my fault. I’m a bad mother.”

“It has nothing to do with you. Also, premature labor does not mean that our child will not be healthy. Don’t overthink this. You need to rest now,” said Elliot gently. “I will properly look into Tammy’s incident. I will make sure that she gets justice.”

Avery had just gotten out of surgery, and she was rather weak at that moment. Even if she was angry and upset, she did not have much strength to express her displeasure.

On the other side, Chelsea caught wind of the birth of Avery’s baby.

Chelsea was elated. Although premature labor did not mean that the child would d*e, the risk was there.

Chelsea could not sleep the entire night. She was thinking of her next step. She handed a card to Nora.

“Leave right now. There is enough money for your surgery,” said Chelsea. “If Elliot catches you, I won’t speak on your behalf.”

Nora accepted the card and said gratefully, “I’ll leave now Master. I promise I won’t get you in trouble.”

“Don’t call me master. I don’t need you anymore.” Chelsea’s eyes were filled with disgust as she took one last glance at Nora.

After Nora left, Chelsea took her phone out and called Ben.

At that moment, Ben was visiting Avery in the hospital. When he received Chelsea’s call, he walked out of the ward.

“Ben, I found out who was the one that kidnapped Tammy?”

Ben’s head throbbed. “Are you going to say that it was Nora?”

Other than Chelsea and Nora, he could not guess who else would hurt Tammy. Other than playing and having fun, Tammy rarely mixed with complicated people.

ammy’s incident had caused Avery to prematurely go into labor. He was even more convinced now that the culprit had abducted Tammy to harm Avery.

“What do you mean by that?” Chelsea said angrily, “Are you trying to say that I have to bear the responsibility for my cousin’s actions? You know that she had a mental decline after she had been d********d! So she did something terrible, what has that got to do with me?”

“Oh, you’re calling me to tell me this, so I’ll tell this to Elliot?” sneered Ben.

“No need! I’ll call him and tell him this myself! I’m calling you because you came looking for me last night! Initially, I thought that you cared about the truth. I didn’t expect you to doubt me!”

“Chelsea, you better not call him. I don’t think he will want to listen to your excuses,” laughed Ben, “Avery went into premature labor because of this incident. He won’t easily let this go. You better pray for luck!”

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