When His Eyes Opened Chapter 703

Tammy knew that as long as she was awake, she would forever think about what had happened to her.

Her last shred of sanity told her that it was not her fault. She was aware that she could not take her own life. She knew that if she did, there would be no one to care for her parents. She was a princess. She had been born with a silver spoon in her hand, and she had never been hurt in her life. She had never been hurt not because she had been fortunate, but she had never been hurt because her parents had built a stone castle to keep her safe.

Her parents would grow old one day. She had to survive to take care of them. This was her only motivation for surviving at that moment.

“Tammy, what are you saying? Divorce? I won’t do it! I won’t divorce you!” Jun was an agitated mess. His voice grew harsh. “I know you’re very upset right now, but I will be with you—”

“I don’t want you to be with me! I feel like puking at the sight of men right now! Leave! I want my mother to be with me! Leave!” Tammy shrieked.

Her screams attracted the Lynchs’ bodyguard.

Soon, Mary, Tammy’s mother, rushed over and got Jun to leave.

It took an hour for Mary to calm Tammy and get her to sleep. She exited the ward and saw Jun, who had spent the entire hour outside the ward. When he saw his mother-in-law, he immediately went up to her and said, “Mom, is Tammy asleep?”

“Hmm. Jun, let’s talk!” Mary’s eyes were red. She immediately cut to the chase, “Tammy has always strived for perfection. Now that she has been hurt, she can’t accept it, so she doesn’t want to see you. I think you should get a divorce!”

“No, I can’t accept this!”

“You have to accept this. My daughter can no longer have children. Even if you don’t mind, your parents would mind. My daughter is my precious child. I would rather her be single her entire life than to be despised by others!” Mary’s tone was firm. “Go back home. Once Tammy gets discharged, we will contact you.”

In the evening, Mike brought the children to visit Avery. The effects of anesthesia on her had already worn off. Her wound hurt terribly, but she bore it. She did not want her children to worry.

“Mommy, why can’t we see our little brother?” asked Layla as she looked around the room.

“Your brother is in an incubator right now. I told you when we were coming over!” said Mike.

“Where is the incubator? I don’t see any!” Layla was searching the room. She found nothing.

“Layla, your little brother is not here. They put him in the place where they keep the incubators,” Avery explained, “We can’t see him yet.”

“Oh! He must be lonely!” Layla said before changing the subject, “Mommy, I heard that giving birth to children is painful. Are you in pain right now?”

“I’m not in pain. I can return home in two days.”

“That’s good to hear, Mommy. Let me tell you a secret. Actually, I don’t like that your tummy got bigger because you won’t be able to play with me.” Layla sounded a little aggrieved. “I want you to bring Hayden and me out to play more.”

Avery said, “Hmm, I won’t have any more children. Three of you is more than enough for me.”

“Oh, what is our little brother’s name?” Layla blinked her huge eyes curiously.

“Avery pondered for a few seconds before replying, “His name is Robert. Robert Foster.”

The children looked at Elliot in unison. Elliot was taken by surprise. “Avery, didn’t you say that the child would take your surname?”

“I hope that you can be a good father.” Avery looked at him, explaining her choice of surname.

His gaze b****d into her. His heart was warm. He could not promise that he would be a good father, but he would try his best.

A moment later, it started drizzling. Mike was about to send the children home. At the same time, Elliot’s phone rang.

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