When His Eyes Opened Chapter 708

Avery also noticed the rash on the baby’s face, but she was not particularly shocked.

“Babies have delicate skin, so they get rashes easily.” She imparted her experience to Elliot. “Hayden and Layla used to get rashes all the time before they turned one. Applying ointment usually does the trick.”

Elliot was relieved. “Premature babies get little setbacks like this easier.”

There was self-blame in Avery’s voice.

“It’s fine as long as it’s nothing serious.” Elliot comforted her. “He was sound asleep when I went to see him last night. He might think he’s still inside you!”

“He’s sleeping well because of the lack of oxygen from the premature birth.” Avery looked up at him with her wet eyes and said, “I won’t let Chelsea Tierney get away with this, Elliot.”

Elliot said, “She pushed the blame onto her cousin. Nora’s already fled the country.”

“How would Nora have the guts to do anything without Chelsea’s help?!”

“I know, Avery.” He held her hand and said, “I’ve already sent people to find Nora. Once we find her, I’ll make her spit out the truth.”

Avery stared at Elliot blankly and said, “You’re still not going to continue employing her, are you?”

“I cut things off with her last night,” Elliot said. “She won’t ever come looking for me again unless she’s not afraid of d***h.”

“She might not be afraid of d***h,” Avery muttered softly. “How could someone who’s afraid to d*e make the same mistake over and over again?”

“I’ll grant her wish if that’s the case.” Elliot’s tone was cold and indifferent, but his eyes were filled with tenderness as he gazed at her.

Avery knew that people had many faces, but it was rare for someone to have two extremely different faces like Elliot.

No matter which face he had on, she was deeply drawn to him.

A knock came from the door, and Elliot went to open it.

Wesley and Shea were standing on the other side.

Avery was in pain after her surgery the day before, so Wesley told Shea to wait until today to come see her.

“I made some soup and brought it over for Avery, Big Brother.” Shea showed off the food container she was holding to Elliot.

Elliot was surprised. “You made it?”

“That’s right. Avery must have had a hard time giving birth to the baby, so I wanted to do something for her.” Shea’s face lit up in a wide smile.

When Elliot noticed that her left index finger had a plaster on it, he immediately held her hand and said softly, “Don’t do it again. She’ll be happy that you came to see her.”

“It didn’t hurt, Big Brother.” Shea retracted her hand as she continued to smile, then walked over to Avery with the food container. “Hey, Avery. Wesley said you were in pain and told me not to bother you, and that’s why I came today instead of yesterday.”

“It doesn’t hurt anymore, Shea. Don’t worry about me.” Avery watched as Shea peeled off the lid of the container and a mouth-watering scent wafted from it. “That smells amazing. Did you make it?”

“I did. It’s fish chowder. Try it out.” Shea scooped out a small bowl of soup and handed it to Avery. “Wesley said it’s better for you to have fish right now.”

Avery took the bowl of soup and noticed Shea’s index finger. “Did you hurt your hand, Shea?”

“It’s nothing. It’s just a little cut. Wesley just insisted on putting a plaster on it,” Shea said shyly. “Try the soup and let me know how it tastes. If it’s good, I’ll make it for you again tomorrow.”

“I bet it’s good if you made it, but I don’t want to see you get hurt.”

“I’ll be more careful next time.” Shea sat down on a hair by the bed, then said, “I really want to see your baby, Avery, but Wesley said that he needs to stay in an incubator right now, and I can’t see him.”

“Your brother has photos on his phone.”

“Oh! Show me the photos, Big Brother!” Shea walked over to Elliot and asked for his phone.

Elliot pulled out his phone, picked out a few photos, and handed it to her.

Shea took the phone and brought it over to Wesley so they could look at it together.

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