When His Eyes Opened Chapter 713

“Avery, we might not be able to meet all the time, but I’ll still come see you when I have the time,” Tammy said.

“Okay. I’ll wait for you.”

“Go home and get some rest! You look worse than I do,” Tammy said. She attempted to get out of bed so that she could see Avery out.

“Lie down and rest. I’ll leave now,” Avery said as she held her down. “Let me know when you leave the hospital.”

“I will.”

As Avery walked out of the hospital, her thoughts were a chaotic mess. Her head was spinning, and she could not calm down.

Things seemed to be getting better, but her heart felt heavy.

Perhaps it was because she could no longer return to the past, and the future was filled with uncertainty.

“Get some rest when you get home, Avery. You don’t look too good.” Elliot gazed at Avery’s cool face and worried that she might get postpartum depression. ” While you were talking to Tammy in the room, Aunt Mary told me that while this might have been a tragic experience for Tammy, it made her mature very quickly.”

“That’s because she never wants to rely on any man ever again. The only thing she can do is force herself to grow up.”

“Don’t you think that’s a good thing? I’m not saying Jun is unreliable, but you must know that you will be more confident if you depend on yourself.”

“You’re right, but she’s my best friend. Even if I hope she becomes a strong woman, I don’t want to see her change because of this misfortune.” Avery forced herself to hold back her tears. “Society is reckless. Not many people can stay innocent forever. I want her to be happy, even if it means having to rely on a man to live.”

“What’s done is done, Avery. She will move on one day.”

“Don’t try changing my mind! Before Chelsea is brought to justice, don’t try changing me!” shouted Avery.

That night, the temperature dropped a precursor to the storm that plagued the city.

The sound of the rain pelting the windows formed a sort of lullaby. Avery lay in bed and fell fast asleep.

In the living room, Mrs. Cooper served Elliot a glass of wine.

“Go to bed after having a drink, Master Elliot.” Mrs. Cooper noticed that Elliot had lost weight. She was worried that he had not had a good night’s sleep since looking after Avery.

“Okay.” Elliot drank the wine, then asked, “How have Hayden and Layla been the past couple of days?”

“They’re very well behaved. They don’t need me to tell them what to do at all.” Mrs. Cooper sighed and said, “Avery raised them very well.”

Elliot felt relieved but also very ashamed.

Avery was able to raise the two children so well without his participation… “Am I unnecessary?” he wondered.

He finished his wine, then went up to the master bedroom.

A warm night lamp was turned on in the room. Avery’s eyes were shut and her breathing was even.

Elliot walked over to the side of the bed and turned off the light.

The room instantly fell into darkness.

He sat down by the bed. He had planned to just sit with Avery for a while, then move to the guest bedroom. Fatigue overcame him in the end, and he fell asleep very quickly next to her.

At 9.30 p.m. that night, Hayden and Layla tiptoed over to the master bedroom.

They opened the room door and took a look inside.

“What are you two looking at? Why aren’t you in bed?” Mike was standing behind them. He popped his head into the room and snuck a peek, too.

Layla huffed, “I heard the sound of a car driving off, so I thought Daddy already left. Hayden said he was still here, so we argued over it.”

Mike caressed the top of Layla’s head, then said, “There’s no way he’s leaving! Your Mommy needs to be taken care of right now!”

“Oh…” Layla responded, then softly apologized to Hayden and dragged him back to their room.

Mike closed the door to the master bedroom, then walked over to the living room.

Suddenly, Chad strode out of Mike’s bedroom, grabbed his arm, and dragged him back into the room.

“I used your computer to get into that darknet website you mentioned and found something really scary! F*ck! I’m so scared that I’m breaking into a cold sweat!”

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