When His Eyes Opened Chapter 717

After Elliot had contacted Chelsea, he called Charlie.

When Charlie answered the call and heard what Chelsea had done, he stayed silent for a few seconds.

“Listen, Elliot. You’re half the reason my sister is like this. If I were you, I wouldn’t have allowed her to remain in the Sterling Group back then. If you don’t love her, then you shouldn’t have given her any hope!”

“I kept her at the company because of her work ethic and capability!”

“I know that, but don’t you think she would start imagining things if she saw you every day? There’s no point in talking about any of this at this point.” Charlie let out a sigh, then said, “Chelsea is traveling abroad right now. Tell me what you want her to do?”

“I want her d**d.”

“Ellliot Foster! After all the years she’s been by your side, do you have to be this heartless with her?” Charlie took in a sharp breath, unable to accept this result. “Can’t you let her live for my sake? We were classmates, after all.”

“Should I let her live so that she can continue to torment Avery?!”

“I guarantee that she won’t ever bother you again! I’ll watch her!” Charlie exclaimed earnestly. “You have the love of your life with you and she’s even given you a son. Your life is complete! Forgive and forget! Back when you went insane, life gave you another chance. Why can’t you do the same for Chelsea? I can get proof from the hospital that she’s suffering from mental illness!”

Charlie’s words were a huge blow to Elliot.

Proof of mentall illness?!

How did Charlie know about that?

Elliot’s silence made Charlie feel relieved, so he added confidently, “Everyone has lost control of themselves at some point, Elliot. I won’t open up your old wounds, but don’t you force my sister to her d***h! Otherise, I’m taking you down along with her! I bet Avery Tate doesn’t know about your past scandals, right? You don’t want your son to get picked on growing up, do you? If that’s the case, then let this entire thing come to an end here!”

Elliot’s expression was eeriely chilling.

Chad did not know what Charlie had said on the phone for Elliot to look as if he was being strangled.

“Should we still look for Chelsea, Sir?” Chad asked when he realized that things might not be as simple as they had thought.

“I want to calm down a little.” Elliot’s voice was low and hoarse, and completely void of its earlier strength.

“You promised Avery that you would severely punish Chelsea,” Chad reminded him, “She would be extremely upset if you go back on your word. She just gave birth, so she could easily fall into postpartum depression. It’s better not to trigger her.”

Of course, Elliot was aware of what Chad was saying.

However, Charlie now had something on him.

If he touched Chelsea, Charlie would take him down with her.

He was pondering if he was able to handle the consequences of his past scandal going public.

If he were by himself, then he would not care about how the world judged him.

However, he now had Avery and three beautiful children. Besides, Hayden and Layla were still in school. They might not call him “Dad”, but he had a feeling that they already knew that he was their biological father…

That evening, the black Rolls-Roice slowly pulled into the front yard of the Starry River Villa.

When Avery saw Elliot return, she immediately became anxious.

He had left that morning saying he was going to find Chelsea and make her pay a painful price, but she did not know if things were already settled or not.

The car came to a halt, and Elliot’s tall silhouette appeared in her line of vision.

Under the streetlights, the expression of his face was unclear, and she could not read his emotions.

When he finally arrived in front of her, he held her hand and whispered in her ear, ” Let’s talk in private, Avery.”

Avery looked sharply at Elliot, then asked, “You couldn’t bring yourself to deal with Chelsea, right? If you can’t do it, then I’ll go get my revenge myself!”

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