When His Eyes Opened Chapter 720

After calling Avery, the doctor also gave Elliot a call.

The two of them arrived at the hospital at the same time.

At the neonatal unit, the doctor explained the baby’s situation to them.

“He is not responding to treatment, and he is starting to sleep longer, and his breathing has grown weaker… These are not the typical symptoms of babies who are born prematurely.”

As the doctor spoke, he passed the baby’s chart to them.

Avery took the chart and carefully read through it.

“There’s something wrong with the baby’s immune system.” The doctor’s expression turned grave as he said, “He’s also severely anemic. I think the most important thing he needs right now is a blood transfusion. I’ve spoken to the blood bank here, and they don’t have the right blood type available. Your child has a rare blood type.”

Elliot’s heart fell to the pit of his stomach as he listened to the doctor’s words.

“He has a rare blood type?”

“That’s right. We need to find a suitable blood type as soon as possible and start the blood transfusion. Otherwise, he might not make it through the week.”

Without hesitation, Elliot immediately said, “Test my blood and see if it’s suitable.”

The doctor quickly instructed the nurse to draw Elliot’s blood.

Avery swallowed back her tears and said, “Neither Elliot’s nor my blood are suitable.”

“Mr. Foster can check out other hospitals and see if they have this blood type with them,” said the doctor.

Avery first thought of Wesley.

She pulled out her phone and called him to tell him about the baby’s condition.

“Stay calm for now, Avery. I’ll head to our hospital’s blood bank right away and take a look,” Wesley said. “Is the anemia genetic or pathological?”

Avery took a deep breath, then said hoarsely, “I don’t know the reason behind it yet. He’ll need additional tests. His body’s very weak right now, and he needs a blood transfusion right away.”

After the phone call, Wesley immediately prepared to make his way to the hospital’s blood bank.

Shea went after him and asked, “What happened, Wesley?”

“Robert needs a blood transfusion,” Wesley answered truthfully. “Avery said that he’s in critical condition and needs a blood transfusion as soon as possible, but the hospital he’s staying in doesn’t have the right blood type.”

Anxiety and worry instantly appeared on Shea’s face.

“What do we do? I haven’t met my nephew yet! I don’t want him to be sick.”

“I’m going to check out the blood bank at my dad’s hospital now.”

“I’m going with you.”

Wesley nodded, then the two got in the car and made their way to Elizabeth Hospital.

On the drive there, he received Avery’s message with the baby’s blood type.

When it came to blood types, there was one that was relatively rare— RH negative blood types.

Unfortunately, that was exactly what Robert’s blood type was.

Wesley massaged the space between his brows after receiving the message.

There was practically no point in him going to the hospital now. He was sure that their blood bank did not carry this blood type.

RH negative blood types were extremely rare in Aryadelle, so it was almost impossible to find a blood bank that carried it.

Blood stored in blood banks had a shelf life of thirty-five days. There was no way such a rare blood type would be in stock.

“What is it, Wesley?” Shea saw the obvious gloominess on Wesley’s face, then looked down at his phone. “Who texted you? What did they say?”

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