When His Eyes Opened Chapter 721

Inspiration struck Wesley when he heard Shea’s voice.

If memory served him right, Shea’s blood type was RH negative…

When Avery operated on her two years ago, Wesley was the one who was in charge of her pre-op checkup-up.

As he gazed at Shea’s face, his chest began to rise and fall rapidly.

“Why are you looking at me, Wesley?” Shea asked in confusion as she blinked. “Say something! What exactly is going on?”

Wesley wanted to speak, but the words were stuck in his throat. They did not come to his lips.

If Shea was a regular person, he would definitely tell her about the situation without reservations.

That was because he knew that she would certainly be willing to help Robert with the blood transfusion.

However, Shea was not a normal person.

Her body had gone through many major surgeries, and she was only able to maintain her current lifestyle with the help of meticulous care and nursing.

Wesley did not want to take the risk of Shea suffering from the transfusion.

Robert was important to Elliot, but so was Shea.

“It’s nothing. I’m just very worried about Robert.” Wesley averted his gaze from Shea’s face, then said, “Let’s check the blood bank first to see if there are any suitable blood types there.”

Shea nodded and said, “Do you think my blood will be suitable for Robert, Wesley? I want to help him… I’m his aunt. I’d be very sad if there was nothing could do.”

Her words moved Wesley to tears.

After Avery gave birth, Shea learned to cook just so she could be helpful. She did not even complain when she had cut her finger.

Now that Robert was in critical condition, she instinctively wondered if her blood could be used to help him.

“Don’t be sad, Shea. Let’s check out the blood bank first. You never know, we might just find a suitable blood type!” Wesley could not help but reach out and hold Shea’s hand. “Have I ever told you that I like you a lot, Shea?”

Shea shook her head and said, “You’ve never said it, but I know. You didn’t take my brother’s money, but you’re still kind to me. I like you too, Wesley. Apart from my brother, Avery, Layla, Hayden, and Robert, you’re my favorite person.”

“Then, let’s be best friends for the rest of our lives, okay?”

Shea thought about it, then felt slightly troubled.

“That’d be great, but Mrs. Scarlet told me that you’ll be just like Avery and my brother one day. You’ll find a girl to marry and have children with. I won’t be able to see you every day when that happens, because your wife would be upset.”

“I won’t get married,” Wesley said.

Shea’s eyes widened as she asked in confusion, “Why not?”

“My goal in life isn’t to get married or have kids. I’m happy for every single day that I get to spend with you, Shea.” Wesley’s eyes were deep with his sincere feelings.

Shea looked at him and said blankly, “Why do you just want to be best friends with me then? How about you marry me?”

Wesley was speechless. He had never hoped for that much.

Apart from Avery, Shea was the most important person to Elliot. Wesley was certain that Elliot would never let his sister marry any man.

After all, Shea was different from regular people. Elliot would not easily hand her over to anybody else.

Wesley completely understood how Elliot felt. If he were him, he would feel the same way.

“I can’t figure out what you’re thinking if you don’t speak, Wesley.” Shea sighed softly. “You know I’m not very smart.”

“Your brother won’t let you marry anyone, Shea. Being by his side is the safest option for you.” Wesley did not want to lie to her.

She would be devastated if he lied and said that he did not want to marry her.

“I’ll talk to my brother about it. If he doesn’t agree, then I’ll go to Avery. She’ll definitely help us,” Shea said, then smiled and continued, “I’ll talk to my brother about it once Robert’s all better.”

The most crucial matter right now was Robert’s health.

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