When His Eyes Opened Chapter 722

At the hospital, the result had come out that Elliot’s blood was not a match for Robert.

Thanks to his connections, the search for RH negative blood types expanded to all major hospitals, which then released requests to the public for RH negative blood donors.

When Mike rushed to the hospital and saw Elliot, he asked, “What happened? What’s wrong with Robert? Why does he suddenly need a blood transfusion?”

The doctor, who was standing on the side, replied to his question, “It’s typical for premature babies to have a series of complications from the premature birth—”

“So, this is all because of the premature birth!” Mike gritted his teeth. “Avery wouldn’t have had to give birth prematurely if it weren’t for Chelsea Tierney! D*mn her!”

The doctor did not understand what he was cursing about and continued to explain things from a medical point of view, “Robert’s symptoms aren’t quite the same as other premature babies. There’s a possibility that he might still have this disease even if he was carried to full term.”

“Bullsh*t! Avery goes for her prenatal check-ups on time every month, and there was never anything wrong with her test results. Robert wouldn’t be sick if it weren’t for the premature birth!” Mike roared furiously.

The doctor took a step closer to Elliot and said, “Sir, please. Prenatal check-ups won’t necessarily detect rare diseases.”

“Oh… Robert has a rare disease?”

“That’s right. We’re not sure what caused it, but Miss Tate is investigating it right now,” answered the doctor. “Those with rare blood types typically develop rare diseases more easily. There are very few people in the medical field that understand these rare blood types.”

“What a f*cking mess! Layla and Hayden are completely fine. How could Robert be sick?”

“Are you saying that Miss Tate has other children?”

Mike placed his hands on his waist and said, “Avery has two more kids who are very healthy. Would they be able to help Robert with the blood transfusion?”

“How old are the children?” asked the doctor.

“They’re six.”

“I’m afraid that won’t work. Even if the children’s blood types were a match for Robert, they still would not be able to help him. They’re far too young, so their bodies would not be able to handle getting that large amount of blood drawn,” said the doctor. “Only those aged eighteen and above are allowed to get their blood drawn for this.”

“Then, what do we do?” Mike asked dejectedly. “How’s Robert doing now?”

“He’s unconscious right now,” answered the doctor. “If we don’t start the blood transfusion as soon as possible, his body will get weaker and weaker, and there’s a possibility that he might never wake up again.”

Mike gritted his teeth as all the rage he felt got stuck in his throat, rendering him speechless.

He wanted to save Robert, but there was nothing that he could do.

“Elliot Foster! Come up with something, d*mn it!” he roared. “You’re the one who wanted this baby! You also indirectly caused the premature birth! If you’re not going to think of a solution, then are you just going to stand around like an idiot and wait for your son’s d***h?!”

Mike’s words were so awful that they made the doctor walk away in fear.

Elliot’s bodyguard was about to charge Mike and knock him out after hearing what he said, but Elliot stopped him.

“If my blood was a match for Robert, then I’d let them s**k my blood dry!” Elliot said as he endured Mike’s attack. “I’ve already sent people out to find the blood. If I don’t wait here at the hospital, then where do you think I should go?”

Mike did not expect him to hold back his anger, let alone answer his question in such an orderly manner.

“I’ll k**l Chelsea Tierney if anything happens to Robert,” he said as he glared coldly at Elliot. “Your fight with Avery last night must be because you don’t plan to deal with Chelsea. Chad didn’t give me the whole story, and Avery won’t tell me anything, but I can guess that much.”

“Chelsea’s brother said she has a mental illness.”

“That’s even more reason for her to d*e! Are we supposed to leave her be and let her torment even more people?!” mocked Mike. “Just because her brother said she’s mentally ill, doesn’t make it true! Are you just going to blindly believe him? I’m starting to suspect that you’re the one who taught them this trick! Ha!”

Elliot tightly clenched his fists.

Mike just said that those with mental illnesses deserved to d*e!

This was his behavior towards mentally ill patients.

When Chad arrived at the hospital, he heard from the doctor about Mike and Elliot’s fight.

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