When His Eyes Opened Chapter 723

Elliot had been waiting at the neonatal unit, but no one knew where he went to after the row he had with Mike.

Chad dragged Mike by the collar and led him toward the exit.

“Are you f*cking insane?! Mr. Foster is worried enough about Robert as it is. Why did you have to bring up that c**p with Chelsea?!” Chad had spent all morning contacting blood banks all over the country and only now managed to find time to drop by.

“Avery wouldn’t have given birth prematurely if it weren’t for Chelsea Tierney! If he weren’t born prematurely, then Robert would probably be completely fine!” Mike was still furious, and his pale skin was flushed with rage.

“Mr. Foster didn’t plan on letting Chelsea go. It was that phone call with her brother that made him change his mind,” Chad said through gritted teeth. “I suspect Charlie has something on Mr. Foster. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have changed his mind!”

“Charlie Tierney said his sister has a mental illness. That’s why your boss went soft!”

“That’s impossible! Mr. Foster wouldn’t go soft on her even if she had an incurable disease, let alone a mental illness,” Chad retorted. “It’s fine if you won’t believe him, but are you not going to trust me either?”

Mike clenched his teeth and fell silent.

Moments later, he asked, “Why do you think that someone else might have something on him? Did he do something bad?”

“Can you say you’re a saint? You told me that you did a bunch of bad stuff when you were young and only started to turn into a better person after meeting Avery.”

“Well…” Mike touched his nose, still disgruntled. “Avery must really be blind to have chosen that boss of yours!”

“What’s the point of saying any of that? The most crucial thing right now is finding the right blood type as soon as possible… If you’ve got nothing to do, then go and contact the major blood banks in Bridgedale and see if any of them carry it…”

“Got it! I’ll start right away.”

Elliot met up with Aryadelle’s top pediatric and hematology experts.

After analyzing the blood and some investigative research, they believed Robert had a rare blood disorder.

With Robert’s current condition, there might be a way to quickly relieve his symptoms.

They would have to completely change his blood type.

The procedure required a large amount of blood.

They could not even get their hands on a small amount of blood, so where were they supposed to find a large amount of it?

Over at Elizabeth Hospital, Wesley and Shea were sitting on a bench outside the blood bank.

As Wesley had expected, the blood bank did not carry any blood that matched Robert’s.

Shea knew what Robert’s blood type was. She had heard what it was while Wesley was speaking to the blood bank’s staff.

“What’s my blood type, Wesley?” Shea asked, suddenly breaking the silence.

Wesley was taken aback. He turned to her, and his lips moved, but he did not say a word.

“Don’t you know what it is? Should I go check right now?” Shea asked. “What if I could save Robert?”

Shea had RH negative Type 0 blood. It was different from Robert’s, but Shea’s blood type was a universal donor for all Rh-negative blood types.

“Don’t be hasty, Shea. Let’s first see if your brother has managed to find it.” Wesley’s voice was strained. “We’ll talk about it if we have no other choice.”

Wesley’s phone buzzed half an hour later.

He pulled it out and read Avery’s text message.

[Wesley. Robert’s anemia is pathological. He needs a blood change.]

Wesley dejectedly took in a deep breath and tightly clenched his fists.

Moments later, he heard the unfamiliarity of his own voice as he said, “Are you willing to donate your blood, Shea?”

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