When His Eyes Opened Chapter 724

At the same time, Elliot was out in the cool breeze on the hospital’s veranda.

It took Chad forever to finally locate him.

He felt awful as he watched Elliot’s lonely silhouette in the night.

“What are you doing here by yourself, Sir?” Chad said after composing himself. “It’s time for dinner.”

“I can’t eat,” Elliot responded. His voice was cold and hoarse.

Robert needed a blood change, but due to his peculiar blood type, they had yet to find a suitable source of blood.

This was only the first of his woes.

The second was that he knew there was a possibility that Shea’s blood type could be a match for Robert.

However, he could not reveal this matter.

He could not allow Shea to donate blood to Robert.

It took him 20 years to turn Shea’s life from that of someone with a mental disability to one where she could gradually begin to care for herself like a regular person.

All he hopes for was for Shea to maintain her current condition and continue to live her life normally.

How could he possibly ask her to donate blood to Robert? What if something happened to her because of that?

However, how could he have the heart to watch as Robert dies from anemia?

He had to deal with all of his agonies by himself, and could not speak a word of it to others.

“Even if you can’t eat, you shouldn’t be out here. It’s freezing out here. You have to be careful not to catch a cold,” Chad said. “Avery is still recovering from the birth. She and the kids need you to take care of them.”

His words woke Elliot up, and he made his way to the neonatal unit.

When the doctor noticed Avery’s sickly complexion, he advised her to go home and get some rest.

“You’re still a patient, Miss Tate. You would probably still be hospitalized if you hadn’t insisted on being discharged,” the doctor said sternly. “You’ll get sick if you don’t get enough rest now. The experts that Mr. Foster hired will watch over Robert 24/7… Once we find the blood, we will immediately start the blood transfusion…”

Elliot was standing nearby when he witnessed this scene. He quickened his footsteps and arrived in front of Avery.

He did not speak to her, because she would not listen to anything he had to say anyway.

He just picked her up in his arms and carried her toward the elevators.

“I’m not going home!” Avery’s eyes reddened as she pounded his chest with her clenched fists. “I want to stay here with Robert!”

“Who’s going to be with Layla and Hayden if you broke down from fatigue?” Elliot did not stop walking. “Don’t punish yourself because of my mistakes, Avery!”

Avery almost thought that she had heard wrongly.

Did Elliot just say that it was his fault?

He finally admitted that he was in the wrong!

Once they entered the elevator, she pushed herself out of his arms.

“What’s the point of you admitting your mistakes now? The baby’s already born. He’s already a living being. If he dies, then you and I won’t meet again for the rest of our lives!” Avery said these b****l words as her eyes glistened with tears.

If it were not for the premature birth, there was a possibility that Robert would have been born as healthy as Hayden and Layla.

Even so, Elliot was still unwilling to punish the person behind Robert’s premature birth!

His tolerance is exactly why Chelsea Tierney had the courage to act so insolently!

Avery had seen right through it! Even if she had given Elliot three children, she was still no match for Chelsea who had been by his side for over a decade!

Everything around her was a constant reminder that she was forced into getting pregnant with Robert by the heartless man standing in front of her. It was also that madwoman, Chelsea, and her incessant harassment that led to Robert’s premature birth!

Elliot stared at Avery in stunned silence. His thin lips parted for a moment, but no words escaped them.

Avery met his gaze with fury. When she saw the glisten of tears at the corner of his eyes, the elevator chimed, and its doors opened immediately after.

“I’ll get home myself. You don’t have to send me.”

Avery took a deep breath, then tightened her grip around her bag’s handle and walked into the cold winter night.

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